American Canoe Association: 140+ Years of Service to the Paddling Community

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The American Canoe Association (ACA) has supported paddlers and paddle sports for more than 140 years. That’s an astonishing run! With 30,000 members and over 300 clubs and associations here and abroad, the ACA truly has its finger on the pulse of the paddling world.

Here are the main ways the ACA serves us all:

Paddling Education

The ACA has developed a vast and excellent paddling education program all over the world. Some of their courses include: canoeing, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, adaptive paddling, rafting and safety/rescue.

Students enroll in ACA courses to learn and develop skills, to become certified as instructors, and to add credentials to an outfitter, guide or livery business.

To learn more visit their Paddlesports Instruction Program page.

Paddling Stewardship and Policy

The ACA believes that as paddlers, we’re also stewards of the waterways we paddle. The ACA and its members and partners work hard to help keep those waterways open and clean.

They also partner with other environmental stewardship groups to help influence policy on behalf of paddlers from the local to the federal level.

To learn more visit their Stewardship & Policy page.

Paddle Sports Competitions

The ACA is a leader in developing and promoting competitions for paddlers of all ages and levels: from youth up to the Olympic level, and in disciplines from canoe slalom to outrigger to whitewater kayak.

The ACA not only develops its own competitions, but partners with other organizations worldwide.

To learn more visit their Competition page.

Insurance for Paddling Clubs, Events and Instructors

Something you may not think about unless you’re a club, event coordinator or instructor: The ACA offers liability insurance through major insurance carriers at group rates. Whether it’s a single event or an ongoing outfitting service, the ACA can help you get the right insurance coverage.

To learn more visit their Insurance page.

Membership Community

Join the more than 30,000 others in the ACA community as a member. Membership is open to individuals, families, PAC members (Paddle America Club), competition members, and clubs and organizations.

To learn more about membership levels and benefits visit their Membership page.

National and International Connections

The ACA’s website has links to many other paddling connections. Under their Community tab on the Navigation/Menu bar are links to a dozen other resources you’ll find helpful.

For more about the ACA, start with their About the ACA page. If you’re interested, read about its History.

Aqua-Bound is proud to support the ACA and its commitment to the world of paddling!

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