Paddling Education

St. Croix River Kayaking: Wildlife to See
Greg Seitz is an avid kayaker and dedicated supporter of the St Croix River that forms part of the border between Wisconsin and Minnesota. He tells us why this river provides ideal wildlife habitat and what paddlers can expect to see on their journey downriver.
“What I Packed for My Greenland Kayak Trip”
Aqua Bound Marketing Manager Kate Wright was one of six of our team members who embarked on a Greenland kayak trip in summer 2023. Here Kate talks about the challenges of packing for a multi-day trip like this—especially an international one.
Independent Retailer Spotlight: Next Adventure
Next Adventure is a Portland, Oregon-based full-service outdoor retailer with a 20-year history and a national presence. Their robust paddlesports department serves customers from beginner to elite paddlers of all kinds.
How to Choose the Best Kayak for Your Family
Are you looking for the best kayak (or kayaks) for your family? Different options can work, depending on your season of life.
Safety Keys for Backcountry Packraft Trips
Aqua Bound Ambassador Johan Grönblad is an avid packrafter in his native Sweden. He’s also a former military medic and knows that safety must always stay top-of-mind when in the backcountry.
Paddlesports Trade Coalition: Supporting Paddling in North America
Aqua Bound is one of the founding members of the Paddlesports Trade Coalition, an organization initiated in 2023 and dedicated to becoming the “voice and soul of paddlesports” for the US and Canada.
Winter Kayak Camping in Algonquin Provincial Park
Does the idea of winter kayak or canoe camping intrigue you? Then this video is a must-watch to get a realistic picture of what this kind of adventure entails.
Our Readers’ Favorite Blog Content of 2023
We put out a wide variety of paddling content every year. Here are the top 10 blog posts with the most reader traffic in 2023.
Kayaking Injury Prevention and Recovery
Alexander “Jalle” Stjernberg is a member of Aqua Bound’s Ambassador team and is uniquely qualified to talk to us about common kayaking injuries and how to prevent them.
Whitewater Expert on the Aerial Paddle
When we took on the challenge of developing a brand new high-end whitewater kayak paddle in 2023, one of the experts we called on for input was Jonny Ortiz.
Aerial Whitewater Paddle Wins 2024 Best Paddle Award
Aqua Bound’s Aerial Carbon whitewater kayak paddle is announced as winner of Best Paddle in Paddling Magazine’s 2024 Industry Awards
[When] Should You Upgrade from a Sting Ray to a Tango?
Aqua Bound’s Sting Ray and Tango kayak paddles are both designed for low-angle kayakers who love long days on the water with a relaxed style. Should you upgrade from Sting Ray to Tango? When?
3 Whitewater Kayaking Skills You Need to Master
Aqua Bound Ambassador and whitewater expert Ken Whiting shows us three kayaking skills every whitewater paddler must master.
Where to Sea Kayak on Lake Superior
Lake Superior is the largest of all the Great Lakes. In fact, Superior holds half of the water that’s in the Great Lakes. It’s the largest fresh water lake in the world by surface area and a world-class sea kayaking destination.
Aerial’s Revolutionary Lam-Lok™ Technology
Discover why the whitewater kayaking world is buzzing about Aqua Bound's latest release—the Aerial family of whitewater paddles.
Paddling in Grand Teton National Park

The crystal-clear lakes of Grand Teton National Park are begging to be paddled—not just looked at and photographed! One of the most picturesque spots in North America, the Teton Range hosts several of these lakes with stunning mountain views.

Kayaking in Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is truly an American national treasure known for its towering mountains. The park also includes hundreds of lakes, many of which are accessible to canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts.

23 Top Tips to Get You Stand-Up Paddle Boarding Quickly
Stand-up paddleboarding is a fantastic full-body workout that people of all ages can learn how to do and enjoy. We’ve collected 23 helpful tips to get you stand-up paddle boarding quickly.
Custom-Crafted Ultralite Packrafting Gear
Aqua Bound Ambassador Dan Ransom was looking for better ultralight packrafting gear for his own expeditions. So he did what many outdoors folks have done before—he started to make them himself.
Packrafting Canada’s Nahanni River
In the summer of 2023, Aqua Bound Ambassador Jeremie Lamart joined a crew to packraft Canada’s Nahanni River over 10 days. This remote national park in The Northwest Territories offers stunning scenery, abundant wildlife and in this case, a chance to meet new friends while outdoor adventuring.
Aqua Bound Goes to Greenland
July 2023 was an epic month for several Aqua Bound team members when they joined AB Ambassadors Laila and Christian for a sea kayak trip in Greenland.