Aqua-Bound Kayak Paddles in Las Vegas

Las Vegas-based Evolution Expeditions loves bringing their guests to the most beautiful kayaking destinations in their neighborhood…

evolution expeditions uses aqua-bound kayak paddles

Evolution Expeditions is a water adventure outfitter based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Besides water parks and wake sports, they guide kayaking tours on the Colorado River.

We caught up with owner and manager, Rodney Kent, between river trips and got some details from him about Evolution Expeditions’ kayaking…

Where They Bring Kayakers

Rodney has several different tours available, from 3 to 7 hours long. The best one for you depends on the time you have, your budget and the season. Their popular Hoover Dam Tour is great any time of year. October through May they offer a hike and kayak combo tour that gives you the best of both activities.

One of their most popular destinations is Emerald Cave, named for its exquisite color when the sun hits the water during certain hours of each day. Other tours bring you to area hot springs.

Each tour comes complete with free shuttle service, juice and snacks and all the equipment. The longer tours include a catered lunch. Reservations are definitely recommended.

emerald cave las vegas
Beautiful Emerald Cave

Their Favorite Things about Kayak Tours

“We love showing our guests a different side of Las Vegas, and we love creating memories for them,” said Rodney. “There’s no place like the Black Canyon in Nevada. When a guest tells us how wonderful the trip was I know it’s the Canyon that does all the work.”

They enjoy hosting people from all over the country, and even the world. It’s an incredibly different landscape than what most people are used to.

Rodney shares that Evolution Expedition guides work hard to take a group of strangers kayaking together and turn them into friends by the end of their tour.

Here’s a testimonial from their website that displays their success at that:

“We (Group of German college students plus two instructors) took this incredible Black Canyon kayak tour on our first day together as a group in the U.S. Nobody had met each other before as almost everybody came from a different college location. Guess what? After our truly fabulous river guide, Rod, had had his ways with us we emerged from the canyon as a group of friends!”

No kayaking experience is needed to go on one of their tours, and many of their guests come as complete rookies. They promise: “You may start as a beginner, but you will end the trip as a confident kayaker.”

Hearing how much their guests enjoyed the experience, even when weather conditions aren’t ideal, is always rewarding for the guides and staff.

aqua-bound paddles evolution expeditions kayak tours

Why They Use Aqua-Bound Paddles

Evolution Expeditions believes in using the best equipment they can. That’s why they use Prijon touring kayaks and Aqua-Bound paddles. In fact, they’ve been using Aqua-Bound paddles for 15 years now because:

  • They’re lightweight and therefore easy on the body for several hours of paddling…
  • Great performance when paddling against those canyon headwinds…
  • They take years of use (and sometimes abuse) and are just plain durable.

The Evolution Expedition folks know the value of great equipment when it’s being used day after day, year after year, for hours on end. It makes each tour easier and more enjoyable both for them and their guests.

Find out more about Evolution Expeditions.

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