Aqua Bound’s Ray Series: Hybrid vs. Carbon Paddles

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Many customers have asked us the difference between the Hybrid and Carbon models in our Ray series of kayak paddles. Here’s the low-down…

Sunset Red Aqua Bound kayak blade in the water; man kayaking

(photo courtesy of Headwaters Kayak)

Aqua-Bound's Ray series are some of the best mid-range kayak paddles on the market. The series includes the Manta Ray line and Sting Ray line.

Both of these lines are available in a Hybrid model and a Carbon model.What’s the difference?

We’re glad you asked!

Ray Series Hybrid Kayak Paddles

A White or Sunset Red blade means the paddle is a Hybrid—a blend of a 100% carbon shaft with our abXII fiberglass-reinforced nylon blades.

This gives you the comfort, toughness and feather-weight of a carbon shaft with an affordable-but-still-high-quality nylon blade.

Here are the stats for each our Ray series Hybrid paddle:

Sting Ray Hybrid

The Sting Ray Hybrid features a long, slim low-angle blade shape that’s ideal for low-angle paddling: the relaxed style used most in kayak touring and other settings with a relaxed pace.

This paddle is available in three different models:

Manta Ray Hybrid

The Manta Ray Hybrid models are just like the Sting Ray in everything but blade shape. The Manta Ray’s blades are shorter and wider for power-packed high-angle strokes. This shape is great for anglers and others who are hauling gear, for large paddlers and those who have an aggressive paddling style.

Here are the stats on the three models you can choose from:

woman kayaking with Aqua Bound's Manta Ray Carbon paddle

(photo by Thrive Visuals)

Ray Series Carbon Kayak Paddles

The Black blades on the Ray Carbon paddles mean you’re getting a 100% carbon shaft with abX carbon-reinforced nylon blades instead of fiberglass.

These paddles are even lighter than those on the Hybrid models. While a couple ounces may not seem like much, it makes a difference on an all-day or multi-day paddle trip. 

Here are your options for a Ray Series Carbon kayak paddle:

Sting Ray Carbon

The Sting Ray Carbon features the same long, slim low-angle blade shape that the Hybrid model has. It’s also available in similar different models:

Manta Ray Carbon

The Manta Ray Carbon is identical to its Hybrid counterpart except for the blades. Here are the stats on the three models you can choose from:

man kayaking with Aqua Bound paddle; other kayakers in background

(photo courtesy of @blazin_paddles)

No matter which of these models you choose, you know you’ll get a quality, ultra-comfortable paddle with great performance that’ll last for years.

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