Aqua-Bound’s Posi-Lok™ vs. Versa-Lok™ Ferrule Systems

Aqua Bound’s kayak paddles with carbon shafts are all available with either our Posi-Lok ferrule system or our Versa-Lok ferrule system. What’s the difference? Let’s take a look at that here…

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Both the Posi-Lok and Versa-Lok ferrules have many advantages over the industry standard snap-button ferrule:

  • There are no rustable parts, which is especially good news for salt water kayakers.
  • They offer multiple feathering angles, rather than just one or two. This means much more versatility in windy conditions and for those who prefer a feathered paddle.
  • They’re extremely easy to use and adjust, even while on the water.
  • Since they’re external ferrules, there’s no chance for sand and debris to collect inside your paddle shaft. That equals less maintenance for you.

Let’s take a look at the Posi-Lok and Versa-Lok individually:

Posi-Lok™ Ferrule System

Our Posi-Lok ferrule system, designed by our engineers at Aqua Bound, has been in use for several years. It’s highly functional and intuitive, with no play at all once the two halves of your paddle are snapped together.

The Posi-Lok is constructed completely of carbon for a lightweight, strong and durable mechanism. It uses a dual-button release for extra security. You won’t have to worry about this ferrule failing, even on remote wilderness trips.

Read more about our Posi-Lok ferrule here.

Aqua Bound kayak paddles that offer the Posi-Lok ferrule include:

  • Sting Ray Hybrid and Sting Ray Carbon—our mid-range low-angle paddles designed for touring and relaxed flatware paddling.
  • Manta Ray Hybrid and Manta Ray Carbon—our mid-range high-angle paddles designed to haul a weighted boat and for high-energy, aggressive paddling.
  • Tango and Tango Carbon—our performance low-angle paddles.
  • Whiskey and Whiskey Carbon—our performance high-angle paddles.

See all our kayak paddles with Posi-Lok here.

Versa-Lok™ Ferrule System

We introduced our Versa-Lok ferrule system with our 2023 product line. Also designed by our in-house engineers, Versa-Lok offers up to 15 cm of adjustable length in your kayak paddle.

Versa-Lok ferrule system mechanics
Having that adjustable-length option is ideal for any kayaker who will use one paddle with multiple boats of different widths. It’s also ideal if you’ll share your paddle with someone else who’s shorter or taller than you.

Slightly heavier than Posi-Lok, Versa-Lok is constructed of nylon-reinforced plastic and stainless steel. Extremely corrosion-resistant, this ferrule is simple to use yet has a tight-fitting mechanism you can have complete confidence in.

Read more about our Versa-Lok ferrule here.

Aqua Bound kayak paddles that are available with Versa-Lok include:

  • Sting Ray Hybrid Versa-Lok and Sting Ray Carbon Versa-Lok—our mid-range paddles designed for low-angle touring and relaxed flatwater paddling.
  • Manta Ray Hybrid Versa-Lok and Manta Ray Carbon Versa-Lok—our mid-range paddles for high-angle kayakers, either aggressive paddlers or those with loaded boats.

See all our kayak paddles with Versa-Lok on one page here.

Which is the Ferrule System for You?

Both Posi-Lok and Versa-Lok ferrules are absolutely dependable, easy to use and virtually maintenance-free.

If you want one of our best performance kayak paddles, Tango or Whiskey, they’re only available with Posi-Lok. Our paddles with Posi-Lok are slightly lighter because of the all-carbon construction.

If you prefer a paddle with the adjustable-length versatility, go with one of the Versa-Lok models. 

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