Aqua-Bound’s Sting Ray vs. Tango Kayak Paddles

Aqua-Bound's Sting Ray vs. Tango kayak paddles

Our Sting Ray and Tango kayak paddles are both designed for low-angle paddling, making it easy for you to spend long days on the water without fatigue or soreness.

Here we explore how they’re similar and, especially, how they’re different, so you can make your best paddle purchase decision:

Comparing the Blades: Materials, Shapes and Colors

It’s the blades where you’ll notice the most visible difference between the Sting Ray models and the Tango models.

The Sting Ray line’s blade colors tell you which model you have:

  • Black blades—Carbon (100% carbon from tip-to-tip)
  • White blades—Hybrid (abXII fiberglass-reinforced nylon with a carbon shaft)
  • Yellow blades—Fiberglass or Aluminum (same abXII blades with either a fiberglass or aluminum shaft)

The Tango’s colors are downright eye-popping, made possible due to their compression-molded fiberglass construction:

Tango kayak paddle color options

The shape of the blades between the two models is very similar. The Sting Ray models have 91 square inches of blade, while the Tango models have 96 square inches of blade. The Tango’s are just a hair wider and shorter.

The materials the blades are made from is the final difference. As we already mentioned, the Sting Ray’s blades come in 100% carbon or abXII fiberglass-reinforced nylon.

The Tango’s blades are constructed of compression-molded fiberglass or compression-molded carbon.

Comparing the Shafts

The shafts of the Sting Ray paddles are made of either 100% carbon, fiberglass or aluminum, depending on the model you choose.

The Tango is only available with a material called 3K plain weave carbon. It’s known for its extreme stability, strength and ability to be shaped into our bent shaft version for ultra-comfortable ergonomics.

Both Sting Ray and Tango are available in either 2-piece or 4-piece versions. Only the Tango is offered with a bent shaft option.

Comparing the Ferrule Systems

The ferrule system is the mechanism that connects the two halves of the shaft together at the center.

The Sting Ray models come with two ferrule options:

  • Snap-button ferrule with two feathering angles, 0º and 60º
  • Posi-Lok ferrule with a composite construction and unlimited feathering angles

Kayaker with Sting Ray hybrid paddleKayaker with our Sting Ray Hybrid paddle

Both are snug-fitting and easy to use, but the Posi-Lok is especially functional and easy to adjust—even in mid-stroke.

The Tango models are available only with the Posi-Lok ferrule system.

Comparing the Weight Differences

We pride ourselves in the high-quality materials used in our paddles, and their hand-crafted construction. No matter which paddle you choose, you can be confident in its performance and durability.

But one of the huge differences in the materials between the two models—the Sting Ray and Tango—is the varying weights.

You wouldn’t think a few ounces would make that much difference. And it probably doesn’t if you only paddle for an hour at a time. But when you’re on the water all day long or for many days in a row, you’ll notice!

The Sting Ray models range from 36.25 ounces (Aluminum 4-piece) to as light as 28.75 ounces (Carbon 2-piece).

The Tango, on the other hand, is just 28 ounces at its heaviest (fiberglass) to an amazing, feather-light 23 ounces for the 2-piece straight shaft model.

Comparing the Prices

Of course, all these various factors go into how these paddles are priced.

The Sting Ray models start at a very affordable $99.95 for the Aluminum 2-piece and go up to $219.95 for the Carbon 4-piece model.

If you love low-angle kayaking and get out several times a year, you’ll love a paddle from the Sting Ray line. The Sting Ray Hybrid is our best-selling kayak paddle.

The Tango models start at $289.95 for the Fiberglass 2-piece and top out at $474.95 for the Carbon bent shaft.

Are you an avid kayaker will highly-discerning taste? The Tango is for you!

Aqua-Bound's Tango Carbon kayak paddle
(photo courtesy of @jallestjernberg)

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