Aqua Bound’s Bent Shaft Whiskey & Tango Kayak Paddles

Aqua-Bound Whiskey kayak paddle

We introduced our Whiskey and Tango models in 2017, and are grateful to have received rave reviews! These kayak paddles are designed for paddlers looking for the best on the market—and our customers are telling us they’re not disappointed…

“My new Whiskey Carbon paddle [is] very light, favors a high-angle paddle draw and got just the torque I need when punching through the waves. It also gives me the support I need for the low or high brace to avoid swimming. After some thorough testing I just love it!” (Jonas Alexanderson, ProStaff team)

“I LOVE my Aqua Bound Whiskey. Just the right amount of get up and go in a high-angle paddle without an enormously outsized blade. I love the Posi-Lok™ as well, nice stiff junction without the flex and play I find in other comparable brands…This has quickly become my go-to paddle.” (Emily Hooker, Facebook review)

“Once again a top notch paddle from Aqua Bound. I got the Whisky earlier & now this [Tango] in a size 240 for my more casual/relaxing outings. It's so nice to take a slower day & paddle around with a paddle that just cuts into the water and moves it almost effortlessly. It's super lightweight, super strong & that Posi-Lok™ is fool proof…These two Aqua Bound paddles Tango & Whisky are top notch & I feel you get the most for your money in this price range.” (wdave1013 via

In 2019, we made the Whiskey and Tango even better by offering a new bent shaft option:


Shaft Design and Construction

The bent shaft models are handcrafted of molded 3K plain weave 100% carbon. The bend in the shaft gives your wrists perfect natural alignment. That means you can paddle longer—hours or days—with less fatigue and strain.

At 25.5 ounces for the Carbon models and 28.5 ounces for the Fiberglass models, these are the lightest bent shaft kayak paddles on the market.

Each model features the patented Posi-Lok™ ferrule system. This easy-to-adjust, intuitive ferrule keeps the two halves of your paddle fitting snugly. No wobble here! There are no metal parts, which means no corrosion over time and friendly to all types of water.

Aqua-Bound Tango bent shaft kayak paddle

Blade Design and Construction

The blades are the same as our straight-shaft Whiskey and Tango models. Both are hand-crafted and compression-molded.

The fiberglass models have multi-laminate fiberglass resin over a lightweight core, and are available in three distinct, eye-catching colors: Green Tide, Fuego and Sunwave.

The carbon models feature a carbon fiber resin over a lightweight core, and are available in sleek black.

The Whiskey blade is designed for the high-angle paddler. If you love speed and energy or push a loaded packraft, this blade style is for you.

The Tango is for low-angle touring. It’s designed for long days on the water and multi-day paddling trips.

The bent shaft Whiskey and Tango Carbon paddles retail for $474.95. The Fiberglass Whiskey and Tango models retail for $399.95.

Whichever model you decide on, it’ll be the lightest, most-comfortable paddle you’ve ever used!

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