Aqua-Bound’s Carbon Kayak Paddles

If you want a high-performance, ultra-durable and extremely lightweight kayak paddle, you can’t get better than carbon. Here’s our entire lineup of full carbon kayak paddles…

Aqua-Bound's all-carbon kayak paddles

Our top-performing carbon paddles are the Whisky and Tango. Each is available in three different models: 2-piece straight-shaft, 4-piece straight-shaft and 2-piece bent-shaft. They range in price from $374.95-$474.95 (2019 prices) and are our lightest kayak paddles. Let's take a closer look:

Whiskey Carbon—The Whiskey is for high-angle, high-energy paddlers looking for a big bite into the water with each stroke. The blades on all three models are constructed with compression-molded carbon. The shafts of the 2-piece straight shaft and 4-piece straight-shaft models are T-700 carbon. The shaft of the 2-piece bent-shaft model is 3K Plain Weave carbon. Each model features our full-carbon Posi-Lok® ferrule system.

Tango Carbon—The Tango is our high-performance touring paddle, perfect for long and relaxed days on the water. Like the Whiskey, the Tango comes in three models, each with compression-molded carbon blades. The 2-piece straight-shaft and 4-piece straight-shaft also feature T-700 carbon shafts, while the 2-piece bent shaft is made from 3K Plain Weave carbon. Each has our full-carbon Posi-Lok® ferrule system.

The next three paddles are from our Ray Series—manufactured with shafts of 100% ovalized carbon. Few manufacturers give you a 100% carbon shaft option at this price point. The Ray Series paddles have blades made from carbon-reinforced nylon resin.

All three models are available in either 2-piece or 4-piece, and with either the snap-button or Posi-Lok ferrule system. They each range in price from $189.95-$219.95 (2019 prices).

Eagle Ray Carbon—This touring paddle is ideal for low-angle paddlers in heavily-loaded boats. Its slim, long blades partnered with the stiff and strong abX carbon fiber material will give you that extra pull you need without tiring you out.

Manta Ray Carbon—This paddle gives you more horsepower for a better workout, a bigger bite and more control. You’ll get serious power for your high-angle paddling with these beefy blades. Great for kayak anglers, too.

Sting Ray Carbon—Our most popular blade shape. The premium materials used make this an excellent choice for low-angle paddling on slow moving or flat water. Its low-swing weight gives you a very comfortable day of touring.

Finally, our all-carbon whitewater paddle:

Shred Carbon—The Shred Carbon is available in 1-piece and 4-piece models, with a sticker price of $194.95 or $214.95 (2019 prices). The T-700 carbon shafts are paired with abX carbon-reinforced nylon blades. It's our most popular whitewater paddle.

If kayaking is a life sport for you, it’s worth investing in the right paddle! It’s an investment you won’t regret.

“We’ve been using Aqua-Bound paddles since the beginning, and after some wonderful customer service experience, we will continue to do so. Thanks for a great product and excellent service.”
- Sarah & Steve from Newfoundland, Canada

Want personalized help choosing the right carbon kayak paddle? Call or email our Wisconsin-based Customer Service Team today: 715-755-3405 • [email protected]

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