Carbon Kayak Paddles: Are They Worth the Money?

packrafting with a carbon kayak paddle
A full-carbon kayak paddle will give you years of top performance


How Much Paddling Do You Do?

Are you a once-or-twice-a-year paddler? When you paddle, do you limit yourself to an hour tooling around the lake at your cabin?

Then you probably don’t need to invest in a carbon paddle. It’ll be overkill for the amount of time you’ll spend on the water. There are many lower-cost options that will still be a great paddle for you.

(Check out this page for recreational kayak paddles. The fiberglass and aluminum paddles with snap-button ferrules will be easiest on your budget, but still have Aqua Bound’s high-quality craftsmanship and blade shape.)

On the other hand, do you love paddling and get out several times a season? Are you a “lifetime” paddler who has many years of kayaking ahead of you?

In that case, a carbon paddle is definitely a worthwhile investment. Its light swing weight will ensure hours of paddling without the physical strain, as well as years of durability.

Do You Have Physical Limitations?

If you have wrist, shoulder or back issues, having the lightest paddle available is an absolute plus. Combined with good technique, a feather-light paddle will ease off on your joints and allow you more paddling time with less soreness.

Does a few ounces really make that much difference? ProStaffer, Bill Schultz, says this:

“A heavy paddle will make a day on the water less fun. The formula is for every ounce heavier your paddle is, it’s like paddling an extra 100 pounds around per hour. Wow! So, if your paddle is 35 ounces and mine’s 26 ounces, you’re working a lot harder than I am.”

kayaking with carbon kayak paddles
Our carbon/fiberglass models have some pretty cool blade color options!


What’s Your Budget?

The general rule-of-thumb for choosing a paddle is: Buy the lightest paddle you can afford.

Why the lightest? Because the best materials are the lightest. Carbon is the lightest and toughest material out there for paddles.

So, considering the above points, find a carbon model that fits your budget.

What are Aqua Bound’s Carbon Kayak Paddle Options?

Aqua Bound offers two different carbon options for kayakers: full carbon and a carbon shaft/fiberglass blade combo.

  • Our performance, compression molded blade paddles the Whiskey & Tango are our lightest family of paddles. 
  • The carbon Ray Series family offers more economical price points with  injection molded blades that are extremely durable.  
  • The Shred Carbon is a whitewater paddle designed for up to Class VI rapids.  


    How can we help you choose a paddle? Contact our Wisconsin-based Customer Service team today: 715-755-3405 • [email protected]

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