Explore the Newfoundland Coast by Kayak

Quirpon Island (pronounced “kar - poon”) is a little island on the northern tip of Newfoundland, part of the easternmost province of Canada. This video with Ken Whiting and Paddle TV takes us there:


Ken paddled with Ed English of Linkum Tours on this trip. Linkum Tours has been a travel business helping visitors explore Newfoundland both on sea and on land since the 90s. Ed says, “Most of our clients aren’t hardcore kayakers, but want to try it in spectacular destinations.”

In this video, Ken and Ed spend their time kayaking in the sheltered coves and shores of the Island that are suitable for paddlers of any level.

Top Attractions: Icebergs and Whales

Quirpon Island is a hotspot for viewing icebergs and whales.

Icebergs are carried along the ocean currents all the way from Greenland along the Newfoundland coast. They can be seen in these waters throughout the summer and into the fall season. Impressive as they are from shore, they’re even more impressive seen from the ocean’s surface in a kayak!

Whales are common here, too, thanks to the Island’s location:

“The northern tip of Newfoundland is strategically located at the mouth of the Strait of Belle Isle. This strait serves as the ‘conveyor belt’ for fish moving between the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Atlantic Ocean.

“Many bird and whale species take advantage of this concentration of prey, spending considerable time around the tip of the Northern Peninsula, near L’Anse aux Meadows and Quirpon Island. It’s a veritable buffet for a wide range of whale species!

“Humpbacks are very common and a favourite of viewers due to their spectacular tail displays. Minke are also plentiful, while other species such as Orca come from Labarador to visit from mid-July onward. (cited from Linkum Tours)

(See Kayak with Whales for more on sea kayaking around Quirpon Island, including a video.)

kayaking the coast of newfoundland
Kayaking in the Labrador Sea around Quirpon Island

Combine Your Kayaking Trip with Quirpon Island’s Other Attractions

You can hike anywhere on Quirpon Island. There are no trails, just great views everywhere you look. It’s easy to pull your kayak off in a sheltered cove and go for a quick hike when you’re ready to stretch your legs.

You probably noticed in the video that Ken was enthralled with the Island’s berries! Blueberries are abundant, peaking in September. Many other berries are native, too, including what Ken called “bakeapple” berries (commonly known as cloudberries).

Linkum Tours also operates historic Quirpon Lighthouse Inn on the Island if you want to make it a multi-day adventure.

What paddling questions do you have? Call or email our friendly customer service team and they’ll help you out: 715-755-3405 or [email protected].

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