Holiday Gift Guide 2022: Kayakers, SUPers & Packrafters

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It’s that time of year when gift giving is on our mind. We want to help you out by suggesting some of our favorite kayak, SUP and packraft brands for all your paddling friends and family.

4 sea kayakers in front of ice bergs, one standing on her kayak

(photo courtesy of Christian Harstad)

Gift Ideas for Kayakers


These kayak manufacturers are brands you can trust when you’re in the market for more than the box store kayak or SUP:

Eddyline Kayaks (Washington, US) has been making recreational and touring kayaks since 1971. Their design focus for both sit-inside and sit-on-top models is high performance and lightweight. Prices range from $1,399 to $3,499 USD. Search their Find a Dealer tool to find the closest retailers to you.

man in white kayak on a river in front of canyon formations

Eddyline kayak (photo courtesy of Forged from the Wild)

Melker (Hammarö, Sweden) is a relatively new brand that heavily emphasizes sustainability and ethics. Their kayaks range in price from 29 990 to 37 990 KR. They also have an outlet shop if you’re looking for a deal. Purchase from the website or visit their retail store in Stockholm.

Delta Kayaks (British Columbia, Canada) specializes in making lightweight and high-quality thermoform kayaks, from recreational to performance touring. Find a North American dealer here. Prices range from $1,095-$3,295 CA.

Oru Kayak (California, US) is the innovation behind the foldable kayak. Their prices range from $509-$1,699 USD. These origami-like boats are easy to store, transport and assemble. You can order directly from the website or use the Dealer Locator tool to search the US and around the world.

 woman and her teeny dog in an Oru kayak on a mountain lake

Oru Kayak (photo courtesy of Kimberly Wheatly)

NRS (Idaho, US) sells inflatable kayaks and inflatable stand-up paddleboards. Their retail prices range from $845-$3,695 USD for SUPs and $795-$1,395 USD for kayaks. Order directly from the website or find a local dealer.  

Level Six (Ontario, Canada) is mostly known for its quality paddling gear, but they also make a line of inflatable paddle boards. The prices range from $1,000-$1,300 CA. Either order directly from their website or find a local dealer (an option on every product page).


You won’t run out of ideas for gifts, stocking stuffers and even your average dice game with these quality brands:

Level Six (Ontario, Canada) specializes in making high-quality paddling gear of all kinds for everyone in the family. You’ll find paddling apparel, sprayskirts, dry suits, wetsuits, footwear and more. Order directly from the website or find a local dealer (an option on every product page).

Melker ((Hammarö, Sweden) offers a variety of kayak accessories like sprayskirts, foam transport blocks, PFDs, carts and more. Order from the website or visit their retail shop in Stockholm.

Seals (New York, US) specializes in kayak sprayskirts of all kinds, as well as cockpit covers and other accessories. They also offer a range of other accessories for paddleboarding, gear storage, tethering, storage and transport. They sell through dealers in 13 different countries.

NRS (Idaho, US) just celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2022. It’s an employee-owned company that offers apparel and gear for any paddling adventure. PFDs, paddling jackets and pants, straps, footwear, you name it. Buy direct from their website or find a local dealer.

 man standing next to his kayak with all kinds of gear

NRS gear (photo courtesy of Tomasz Furmanek)

Suspenz (Georgia, US) is your source for kayak and SUP storage and transport. Carts, roof racks, stands and storage options are available right from their website, or find them at a local dealer.

Sea to Summit (Australia) is well-known in the paddling world for its high-quality dry bags of all materials, sizes and colors. They carry a few other handy paddling accessories, too. Order from the website or use their Dealer Locator tool to find a retail store near you. They sell on every continent.

Cascade Creek (if you know where they are, let us know!) manufactures several innovative kayak accessories including their popular Yakgrips® paddle grips for both kayak and SUP paddles ($16.95/pair). Order right from the website or find a local dealer in the US or Canada.

Seattle Sports (Washington, US) is well-known for their dry bags and other paddling accessories that include phone cases, carts, SUP gear, car top racks and more. Most of their products are made right in their shop. They sell through dealers across the US and internationally (sorry, they don’t have a dealer locator tool). You can order directly from their website, too.

Kokatat (California, US) is another paddlesports specialty manufacturer. They make men’s and women’s dry suits and other apparel, plus footwear, gloves and hats, PFDs and other accessories. You can even design a custom dry suit with them. Order from the website or use their Dealer Locator tool to find a local retailer.

Astral (North Carolina, US) is known for its paddling footwear and PFD selection for men, women and children (dog life jackets, too). They carry an assortment of paddling accessories, too. Order right from their website or find a local retailer.

Gift Ideas for Packrafters


Alpacka Raft (Colorado, US) was the first innovator of the modern packraft. These super-tough and highly-transportable inflatables are used worldwide. There are models for every skill level and water environment at prices ranging from $695-$2,300 USD. Order right from the website or find a dealer in most continents of the world.

packrafter in big rapids

Alpacka Raft (photo courtesy of Dan Ransom)

Kokopelli (Colorado, US) makes high-quality packrafts, inflatable kayaks and an inflatable super-light SUP. Their prices range from $550-$1,499 USD. Buy direct from the website or use the Store Locator tool to find an international retailer.


Four Corners Guides (Utah, US) offers tours and courses in packrafting and bikerafting in the American Southwest’s canyon country. How about a Gift Certificate for someone on your list? Owners Steve and Lizzy also co-wrote the definitive The Bikeraft Guide, which is available in paperback.

 members of a bikeraft tour along the shoreline

How about a tour or course with Four Corners Guides? (photo courtesy of Steve Fassbinder)


Katadyne (Switzerland) makes a number of water filtration systems, including those ideal for backcountry kayak or packraft camping. Available all over the world, use the Find a Dealer tool for the retailer closest to you.

MSR (Washington, US) makes adventure gear for camping, cooking and water filtration—great for packraft and kayak camping. Their products are sold around the world at outdoor retailers, or buy online from the website. Use their Dealer Locator tool for North America.

Big Agnes (Colorado, US) makes all things camping for the kayak and packraft campers in your life. Backpacking tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, camp chairs, apparel and much more. Order directly from their website or use their Find a Store tool.

 big agnes sleeping bag and pad

(photo courtesy of Sharon Brodin)


Dan Ransom is an adventure photographer. One of his specialty subjects is packrafters and the amazing landscapes they paddle through. You can purchase his photos in one of several different formats including wall art and fine art prints. Order from his website.

Kayak, Packraft and SUP Paddles

Our list wouldn’t be complete without the paddles that move the boats! Aqua Bound carries dependable, high-value and innovative paddles for anyone’s water adventures, from beginner to elite.

Our Ray Series paddles have been some of the best-selling kayak paddles in the world. These mid-range paddles come in fiberglass, hybrid or carbon models for both low-angle and high-angle paddlers. They’re priced from $129.95-$244.95 USD.
For elite paddlers we suggest either our Whiskey (high-angle) or Tango (low-angle). The fiberglass models come in three eye-catching color patterns, or they’re available in 100% carbon. Prices start at $324.95 USD.

Aqua Bound's Ray series kayak paddles

Either the Manta Ray or Whiskey paddles are best for packrafters, with prices ranging from $129.95-$524.95 USD.

Aqua Bound's Whiskey and Tango kayak paddles

Our Whiskey (top) and Tango (bottom) Fiberglass blades, in Northern Lights

We have stand-up paddles for first-timer through expert, too. They range in price from $129.95 to $359.95 USD.

Find the right size paddle by using our Sizing Guides for kayak, packraft and SUP.


Show your brand love with Aqua Bound apparel. All of our 2021-22 stock is on sale, or pre-order products from our 2023 line!

2023 Aqua Bound apparel and products 

Some of the new Aqua Bound apparel and products coming for 2023

Aqua Bound was featured in the Holiday Gift Guide for Twin Cities Outdoors, a Minnesota blog. Check out these independent outdoor businesses, too, especially if you live near the Minneapolis area. Click here to download the PDF Guide.

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