How to Get In (and Out of) Your Kayak

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Most sources teach you how to get in and out of your kayak using your paddle. We recommend you learn how to enter and exit your kayak without your paddle.

Why Learn to Get In and Out of Your Kayak Without Your Paddle?

Kayak paddles are designed for one purpose—to paddle your kayak. People use them for lots of other tasks, too: as a brace when entering and exiting the kayak, to push off the beach and into the water further, even as poles for tarps when camping.

Our kayak paddles are designed and crafted for durability. The shafts go through rigorous break strength testing. Because of that our breakage rates are some of the lowest in the paddle industry—our fiberglass and carbon shafts have less than a 0.15% breakage rate.

They’re made very well and will last you for many, many years of kayaking when you use them for their intended purpose—to paddle.

While a paddle may very well stand up to plenty of abuse, why risk breaking it or weakening it before its full life span is over?

So…while plenty of sources teach you how to get in and out of your kayak using your paddle as a brace, there’s another way to do it—that we think is easier—without using your paddle.

This technique follows the “wet foot policy.” You’ll get your feet wet, so wear appropriate footwear (see our article: Your Best Options for Paddling Shoes).

How to Get In Your Kayak

There are three simple steps to entering your kayak without your paddle:

1. Straddle your kayak over the cockpit—Position your kayak so it’s floating in the water, parallel to shore. Swing one leg over the kayak’s cockpit, just in front of the seat, as if you’re getting on a bike.

get in your kayak without using your paddle

2. Lower your rear into the kayak’s seat.

how to get in your kayak without your paddle

3. Pull your legs in and adjust your position so you’re comfortable.

That’s it! Push off with your hand if you need to, and go have fun kayaking.

push your kayak off with your hand

How to Get Out Of Your Kayak

To get out of your kayak:

1. Raise your rear out of the seat.

how to get out of your kayak without using your paddle

2. Bring your legs out of the cockpit and straddle each side of the kayak.

get out of your kayak

3. Push your kayak behind you a bit until you can step clear of it easily.

get out of your kayak

You can keep your paddle inside the cockpit while you do each of these steps when both entering and exiting. That way it’s within easy grasp and you haven’t put any strain on it in the process.

Happy paddling!

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