Kayak Fishing on Lake Erie [Video]

kayak fishing in lake erie

Join Paddle Tales host, Ken Whiting, for a kayak fishing trip on Lake Erie’s north shore, in southern Ontario’s Norfolk County region…

Ken says, “I love kayaking and I love fishing. Like peanut butter and jelly, when you put the two of them together it’s even better.”

Kayak Fishing Long Point Bay on Lake Erie

Ken teams up Bobby Maerz of Baer Fishing Adventures for his time on the water.

Bobby says, “When you think of Norfolk County you think of a lot of farmland, a lot of agricultural area…but not a lot of people think about the fishing. We’ve got a lot of world-class fishing here within the bay. We can pretty much catch anything that swims in Ontario within a 45-minute or hour boat ride.”

Ken traded his paddle for a peddle kayak as they headed for the open water and marsh areas of Long Point Bay.

Long Point Bay has some phenomenal fishing habitat with lots of different types of vegetation. Finding a sheltered spot to fish is possible, even on windy days. The inner bay is shallow with a sandy bottom that warms up to bathwater-like temps during the summers.

Ken found that “one of the great things about fishing a bay like Long Point is that you have almost 360º of fishing options…which means there’s a lot of variety. And you don’t find yourself competing for spots with other anglers.”

Norfolk County and Long Point Bay are less than a two-hour drive from Toronto, and yet there’s a relaxed pace of life there, with lots of natural beauty and plenty of things to do, especially for outdoor recreation lovers.

kayak fishing lake erie

Paddle or Pedal Kayak?

This fishing trip was a first for Ken to use a pedal kayak, although you’ll notice he takes his paddle out once or twice, too.

Some anglers prefer a pedal kayak because it allows them to keep their hands free for fishing. If you’re going to fish in an area with a lot of aquatic vegetation like Long Bay, though, a paddle is a definite necessity.

Many anglers still use a paddle with their pedal kayak in extremely shallow water and so when they want to maneuver around without scaring the fish away. So it’s not so much an either/or question as a both/and.

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