More Frequently Asked Questions

For us, service isn’t a poster in the break room or terms our leaders use in monthly meetings. It’s in our DNA. We have one mission and that is to have the best service in the entire outdoor industry.

Aqua-Bound's Customer Service team

We love talking with our customers! Please give us a call anytime during business hours (8-5 Monday-Friday, Central Time) with your questions, comments, complaints and compliments.

You’ll get to talk to a real person, usually within the first ring or two.

Here are a few of the questions we get regularly:

Q: What’s the difference between Aqua-Bound and Bending Branches? (Or: Why do you answer the phone: “Hello, Branches…” I’m confused!)

A: Branches LLC is the legal name of the parent company, Bending Branches. We acquired Aqua-Bound in 2008 and moved the company from British Columbia to our headquarters here in Wisconsin. It’s much easier to say, “Hello, Branches…” than “Hello, Bending Branches/Aqua-Bound…”

It’s the same phone number for both companies, we’re at the same address, and share the same building. Our customer service team serves both brands.

Q: What’s your warranty on your paddles?

A: We build strong paddles and have one of the lowest breakage rates in the industry (0.03%), but we know the unthinkable can happen. When it does, we honor all reasonable requests for repair or replacement.

We want to know about it and make it right.

Please call us, email us or reach out on Facebook to let us know. Tell us what the issue is…let us know your story…send a photo or two. We’ll take good care of you.

Q: My snap-button…drip ring…sticker…broke/came off. Can I get a replacement?

A: Call or email us with your problem with pictures, and let us know the model of your paddle. We’ll be sure you get a replacement part.

Q: Help! I’m getting blisters on my hands from my new kayak paddle!

A: Usually, the issue is over-gripping the paddle—you’re probably holding it too tightly. It’s not only giving you blisters, but it’s hard on your wrists, too.

When you paddle, relax your grip—your fingers should form the “OK” sign, with your forefinger and thumb holding lightly, while the rest of your fingers guide the strokes.

Likewise, if you start having shoulder pain, it’s likely your stroke is too high. Keep your hands at or below your shoulders with each stroke and you should be fine.

We want to hear from you! Please call our Wisconsin-based, friendly Customer Service team anytime during regular business hours (8-5, Monday-Friday Central Time): (715) 755-3405

“I just wanted to pass along my satisfaction with a recent paddle replacement your company provided. Our carbon Shred whitewater paddle was compromised by a manufacturing defect, and was replaced free of charge under warranty. My boyfriend and I couldn't be happier with the product or the service. It was the easiest warranty transaction ever, and we had our new paddle inside of a week. We have been AquaBound customers since we started kayaking, and we will be for a long time to come."

Thanks again,
- Sarah