On a Tight Budget? Our Cheapest SUP Paddles

Are you on a tight budget? Or are you just starting out in paddleboarding and don’t want to invest in a high-end paddle yet? We’ve got you covered!

cheap SUP paddles aqua-bound

Aqua-Bound’s least expensive SUP paddles are made with the same care and precision as our high-end paddles. They’re still made in the US in our factory in Wisconsin. The difference is in the materials we use.

Let’s take a look…

Aqua-Bound Spark

The Spark is the most value-conscious SUP paddle in the Aqua-Bound lineup. We can keep this paddle to an affordable $109.95 by using aluminum for its shaft. Strong and lightweight, this paddle comes in two pieces for easy storage and transport.

The blade is bright green with an eye-catching Polynesian graphic. It’s fashioned from durable epX Engineered Polymer, reinforced with fiberglass. And even this paddle has a built-in dihedral for a more efficient stroke without flutter.

dihedral cheap paddles

The Spark is available in two lengths, which are both adjustable within a 10-inch span. This makes it a great paddle for everyone at your family cabin.

Aqua-Bound Freedom and Freedom 85

The Freedom is our most popular SUP paddle, and for good reason! The combination of affordability and superior materials makes this the perfect paddle for both beginners and more experienced recreational paddlers.

The Freedom has a carbon shaft, which makes it extremely durable, lightweight and warmer on your hands than aluminum.

The ocean-blue blade is made from epX Engineered Polymer, reinforced with fiberglass. The aggressive dihedral ensures an efficient, smooth, non-fluttering stroke. The Polynesian graphic adds pizzazz.

The Freedom is available in both 2-piece ($139.95) and 4-piece ($164.95). Both models come in two lengths, adjustable with a 10-inch span.

For smaller paddlers and for those who prefer high-cadence, faster paddling we have the Freedom 85. The difference is the blade size—85 square inches instead of the original Freedom at 100 square inches.

Aqua-Bound Lyric

The Lyric is designed with the petite paddleboarder in mind. It features a shorter 100% carbon shaft, but is also available in the longer lengths of the Freedom and Spark. Every length is adjustable within a 10-inch span.

The Lyric’s blade is the same fiberglass-reinforced epX Engineered Polymer as the other paddles featured here.  

With its white blade, the Lyric complements almost every SUP board. Its unique Polynesian graphic speaks to paddleboarding’s inception in the 1960’s surfing culture of Hawaii.

cheap SUP paddles aqua-bound

It’s available as both a 2-piece ($139.95) and 4-piece ($164.95) paddle. Perfect for smaller women and high-cadence paddlers.

Would you like personalized help choosing the right SUP paddle? Call or email our Wisconsin-based Customer Service Team today: 715-755-3405 • [email protected]