Packraft Accessories and Where to Get Them

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Modern packrafting was born out of innovation by packrafters, and continues to be driven by that same innovation. You can be sure the products made will live up to the rigors and demands of this paddlesport.

packrafters in Iceland

Packrafting takes you to amazing places! (Photo courtesy of Land Water Adventures)

Let’s take a look at some key packraft accessories and where you can find them

Dan Ransom Custom Packraft Gear

Professional photographer and Aqua Bound Ambassador, Dan Ransom has developed his own line of packrafting gear.

Currently, his line includes:

  • Ultralite Frame Stays—Developed to be used with any backpack that uses a dual stay suspension design, these aluminum tube stays are super light and come in a variety of lengths. Custom stays available for an extra charge.
  • Ultralight Packrafting Pogies—These non-insulated pogies even out-perform neoprene models due to the way they prevent water exchange and virtually eliminate evaporative cooling.
  • Packraft Seat Bag—This 6-liter modular hip pack integrates into the back band of your packraft. It can also be worn as a sling or as a waist pack on a fully-loaded expedition pack. Available in several different color options.

 multi-colored seat bags by Dan Ransom

Packraft Seat Bag is available in a variety of colors (photo courtesy of Dan Ransom)

yellow ultralite pogies by Dan Ransom

Ultralite Packrafting Pogies (photo courtesy of Dan Ransom)

See Dan Ransom’s packrafting gear shop.

While he is only able to ship within the US, Alpacka Raft, below, distributes his products as well:

Alpacka Raft (Colorado, US)

A major player in the industry, indeed the developer of the modern packraft, Alpacka Raft also manufactures many accessories used by paddlers worldwide.

Some of their key products include:

  • Bow Bags, Internal Dry Bags, Ursack Major and Lap Bags—Useful for day trips and essential for extended expeditions, these are specifically designed for packraft adventures. Ursack Major is a bear-resistant food storage bag.
  • Tie downs, DIY Backband & Thigh Strap Kits, Packtach System—For extra performance and securing yourself and your gear to your boat.
  • Inflation Bag and Pack-A-Pump—Keep a spare inflation bag and have the option to add that little extra air mechanically rather than from your own lungs. “Save your lungs for the hike.”

See all of Alpacka Raft’s accessories here.

International Distributors of Packraft Accessories and Aqua Bound Paddles

Do you live outside the US and want to shop through a retailer in your country or region? Here are Aqua Bound partners around the world that carry high-quality packrafting gear:

Mt Waddington’s Outdoors (British Columbia, Canada)

Mt. Waddington’s Outdoors specializes in packrafting. Founder Sam Waddington and his team serve their customer base by carrying Alpacka Raft packrafts and accessories, dry suits, PFDs and high-quality paddles. Online sales only.

Shop Mt. Waddington’s here.

packrafter on artic river looks at musk oxen on the shore

Alpacka Rafts and accessories are available all over the world by many different retailers (photo courtesy of Luc Mehl)

Melomo (Finland)

Melomo is an independent packraft retailer in Finland (owners Mikko and Matti Nenonen and Matti Naakka were featured in our 2022 blog post: Packrafting Finland’s “Nightless Night” Kairacross Events). Its digital shop carries everything a packrafter needs from MRS packrafts to dry suits, paddles to PFDs, pumps, grab loops, spray skirts and more.

Packraft Europe (Austria)

Founders Seon and Michaela Crockford-Laserer serve the packrafting community throughout continental Europe, the UK and Scandinavia. Partnered with them are Caj and Katja Koskinen, Aqua Bound Ambassadors from Finland.
Based in Austria, Packraft Europe is an Alpacka Raft distributor. They also offer paddles, PFDs and plenty of accessories for packrafters and bikerafters. They don’t stop at retail sales, though—they also offer a variety of trainings, courses and expeditions.

Packraft Australia (Central Victoria, Australia)

The folks at Packraft Australia are the Australian distributor for Alpacka Raft. Besides the packrafts, they also carry paddles, PFDs, dry suits and other necessary and convenient accessories like storage bags, dry bags, repair kits and more.

Like the rest of the distributors here, they supply the gear their team uses and trusts themselves.

Shop Packraft Australia online.

Packrafting NZ (New Zealand)

Owner Arno Marten and his team specialize in packrafting expeditions in their native New Zealand. They bring guests from all over the world and explore Fiordland National Park via multi-day adventures.

They also are the NZ distributor for Alpacka Raft and sell top-quality packrafting gear: paddles, PFDs, dry suits and other apparel, packs, tents and other accessories.

Learn more about Packrafting NZ and shop their online store.

bikerafter in huge rapids 

Packrafts and bikes are a great combo (photo courtesy of Steve Fassbinder)

Essential Reading: The Packraft Handbook

The Packraft Handbook by Luc Mehl is THE written guide for packrafters of all skill levels, from beginner to expert.

Many new packrafters start because of the access to remote areas the sport offers. Seasoned packrafters know how dangerous it can be if paddlers are not prepared, and this book promotes safer practices in the packrafting community at large.

With beautiful color illustrations by Sarah Glaser, The Packraft Handbook is available on Amazon and through many packraft retailers around the world.

One Amazon reviewer recommends this book to every paddler:  

Amazon 5-star review of The Packraft Handbook

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