Packrafting Adventures Around the Globe

bikerafting south america

Bikerafting in Chile, South America (photo courtesy of Packraft Europe and Alexandre Gorski)

Packrafting and bikepacking—the combination of packrafting and biking—is gaining popularity around the globe. We’ve rounded up a few adventures you’ll want to read about here.

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Using Bikerafting to Mentor Navajo Young People

Our friends at Four Corners Guides—Steve “Doom” Fassbinder and Lizzy Scully—teamed up with Dzil ta’ah Adventures in this story about bikepacking with a handful of young people from the Navajo Nation in Arizona.

Because of Covid many activities on the reservation were restricted in 2020, as elsewhere. But with donated gear and time, and under the guidelines of the tribal government, they managed a few trips, including one with three young siblings as the beginnings of a mentorship program.

Dzil ta’ah Adventures’ founder, Jon Yazzie, has a vision to build a bikepacking community among the Navajo people. While 2020 didn’t fulfill all their expectations due to the pandemic, they got a great start.

Read the full story here.

Bikerafting Through Narnia

Michael O’Dwyer posted his story of his day of solo bikepacking in Sweden over the Christmas/New Year holiday. His trip including packrafting on slush-covered lakes and biking through dense forest.

He says, “With the dusting of snow and the branches getting closer to my face I was reminded of Lewis and his lamp post. It felt like I was in his Narnia.”

With just a few hours of daylight in Sweden this time of year, Michael made the most of his day intended as some unwinding time from a busy schedule.

Read Micheal’s story here.

A 12-Year Old Discovers Packraft Surfing

12-year old Alexander wrote his story of learning to packraft “surf” on Idaho rivers near his home. He’s been packrafting for a couple years already, but his dad taught him how to surf the river waves during the Covid summer of ’20.

Read a packrafting story from a kid’s point of view. It’ll inspire you!

packrafting jasper national park, canada

Packrafting Jasper National Park, Canada (photo courtesy of Coburn Brown)

Packrafting and Backpacking Jasper National Park

A group of friends headed to the north end of Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rockies to take on the North Boundary Trail. They did a combo backpack and packraft trip to get the most adventure out of this gorgeous area.

Author Rachel Davies concluded with: “The North Boundary Trail itself is an incredible path, moving from the ancient mossy forests of British Columbia, past glaciers and towering peaks to the wild valleys and canyons of Alberta. But then to be able to journey this wilderness by river brings a new connection and sense of place.”

Read Rachel's full story here.

A Marathon Bikeraft Adventure in Chile

To wrap it up, we’ll share this 30-day bikerafting marathon in Chile by Alexandre Gorski. As other bikerafters have found, Alexandre has loved how the combination of biking and packrafting has opened up his world to long-distance adventures.

He decided to take on 1,180 kilometers by bike along with 360 kilometers by packraft through the towering mountains and pristine lakes and rivers of southern Chile.

Read Alexandre’s full story here. And be sure to click on the links to his videos. (His photo is used at the top of this page)

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