Partner Spotlight: Uteguiden Kayak Tours in Sunnmøre, Norway

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Uteguiden is one of Norway’s leading guide companies for outdoor adventures of all kinds. This includes kayaking in some of their country’s most stunning fjords and coastal areas.

sea kayakers paddle through the canal of Ålesund in Norway

Sea kayaking the canal of the lovely Art Noveau city of Ålesund in northwest Norway

Uteguiden is based in the district of Sunnmøre with locations in five communities there: Stranda (their headquarters), Ålesund (the district’s main city), Valldal, Molde and Åndalsnes. According to their website, kayak tours are available through all their locations.  

Erlend Ringstad is a co-owner and Head of Guides. We asked Erlend a few questions about their kayak tours and why this part of Norway is so special:

AQUA BOUND: Why is your part of Norway so great for sea kayaking?

ERLEND: It must be the great variety of sea kayaking we have. You can go kayaking in probably the most beautiful fjord you can imagine (Yes, UNESCO World Heritage fjords), and then move out to the coast with sheltered islands and open ocean. It’s a combo of scenic kayaking and fun rock hopping, surfing and playing in the waves.

What more can you ask for?

Everything is within about 1 hour and 30 minutes by car. And I forgot to mention, it’s not crowded and everything is easily accessible with good infrastructure. Our guests who come here for the first time say it`s the most beautiful place on earth—and I agree :-)

kayakers in a Fjord Norway fjord

Kayaking a fjord in Fjord Norway region

AB: What is your most popular kayak tour there at Uteguiden?

ERLEND: My favorite trip is the UNESCO Fjord Explorer while the best seller is Fjord Paddle in Valldal. When I`m not working, I really enjoy kayaking on the coast and enjoying the sunset. Therefore we have created a new trip this summer called Sunset Kayaking in Ålesund.

  • UNESCO Fjord Explorer is a 7-hour, 9-mile guided kayak tour from Valldal that paddles into the UNESCO fjord Tafjord. Waterfalls, mountains and wildlife with a local outdoor lunch are all included (wildlife not guaranteed, but it’s always promising!). While kayaking experience isn’t required, you’ll want to be in good physical shape for this one.
  • Fjord Paddle in Valldal is a 5-hour guided kayak tour that covers a round trip total of 6 miles. This tour is suitable for all skill levels and normal physical condition. Erlend describes this as a spectacular fjord kayaking experience that’s sheltered from cruise traffic.
  • Sunset Kayaking in Ålesund is a new tour for 2024 that covers 4.5 miles over 2.5 hours. It’s a perfect way for families and beginners ages 5 and up to explore the picturesque coastal city of Ålesund while enjoying a beautiful sunset.

To see all of Uteguiden’s sea kayak and kayak/hike combo tours, go to the Sea Kayaking page on their website.

four kayakers pose during a sunset paddle

Happy kayakers on a sunset paddle with Uteguiden

AB: Where is your favorite place to kayak in your area?

ERLEND: My personal favorite place at the moment is in the area I grew up, in the archipelagos close to Ulsteinvik & Fosnavåg. Kayaking around Runde Island is a trip I dream of doing again when I get "tired" of kayaking the fjords.

Runde Island (nicknamed Puffin Island) is one of the outer islands southwest of Ålesund. It’s known for the more than half a million birds (including puffins of course) that nest on the island from April to August each year.

AB: Anything else about Uteguiden you would like our readers to know?

ERLEND: We are specialists in outdoor activities and offer guided tours within a wide range: rafting, hiking, road biking, e-bike tours, ski touring, snowshoeing and, of course, sea kayaking—including courses, guided tours and multi-day trips.

We love what we are doing by sharing our passion for the outdoors and letting our guests explore the best of our region.

NOTE: Uteguiden also rents sea kayaks and gear. Their website says: “A ‘Våttkort’ (wet card, the Norwegian Paddle Association’s Norwegian version of the European Paddle Pass (EPP)) is required for renting a single kayak. If you are going to paddle alone, we will require a basic course. You do not need a course to rent a double kayak, but must have previous experience.”

Erlend and the rest of the Uteguiden team is ready to take you on your dream kayak trip in their part of Norway! You can learn more about them on their website, Facebook and Instagram. (All photos courtesy of Uteguiden).

Erlend Ringstad with his dog in a sea kayak

Erlend Ringstad with his dog Saga

Learn more about all of what the Sunnmøre district has to offer its visitors on Visit Norway.

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