ProStaffer of the Month: Tomasz Furmanek

Norwegian sea kayaker and photographer, Tomasz Furmanek, is Aqua-Bound’s ProStaffer of the Month for June 2019. Let’s meet Tomasz…

AB ProStaffer Tomasz Furmanek

The Photography

Tomasz’s idyllic photographs of sea kayaking in Norway have earned him over 85 thousand followers on Instagram. Two of his one-minute videos have been viewed 60 thousand times on YouTube (so far).

Why? Well, see for yourself:


The sense of serenity and the incredible beauty of Norway that he captures touches people. He says:

“My aim is to capture the balance and harmony that I experience while kayaking in nature. The point of view transports the viewer into the scene, and creates a wish to experience nature from a kayak seat. The captured scenes are calm and balanced, and I usually show locations where it is possible for most people to kayak.”

kayaking in norway tomasz furmanek

“It is very important to go outdoors and experience nature. In addition to having a physical health benefit, experiences in nature have a positive effect on our mental and spiritual development. Even though some people may feel they do not have the time to explore the outdoors, I think it is wise to invest some time in experiences like this.”

The camera he uses to capture these gorgeous scenes?

“Most of my kayaking photos are taken with either a GoPro camera or a Sony compact camera. I seldom use my DSLR cameras from the kayak since my focus is mainly on the composition and feeling than the technical quality.”

Tomasz’ Kayaking Background

Tomasz started kayaking in 2004 to reach free diving spots on the western coast of Norway. He would dive and spearfish from his kayak. Eventually he spent more and more time in his kayak and less and less time diving.

He prefers kayaking alone so he’s not distracted from his focus on both his photography and the incredible natural setting around him.

kayaking norway fjord tomasz furmanek

But he also connects with other kayakers in his hometown of Bergen and around Norway, especially the western coast. He doesn’t work as a guide, but he enjoys showing off the gorgeous fjords his country is famous for and that are the inspiration for his photos and videos.

Not surprisingly, Tomasz is often asked to give his opinions about equipment as well as kayaking in Norway. He’s generous with his advice for both on his Instagram and Facebook pages.

If his photos here inspire you to explore a kayaking trip in Norway, be sure to read: Sea Kayaking in the Fjords of Norway!

Tomasz Furmanek kayaking in norway

You can connect with Tomasz on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Imgur.

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