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(photo courtesy of Steve Fassbinder)

One of the most helpful resources out there for bikerafters is a video series called The Bikeraft Guide, produced by Four Corners Guides.

This series of 10 videos features Four Corners’ co-owner Steve “Doom” Fassbinder. They were shot at Four Corners headquarters at Scullbinder Ranch in southwest Colorado.

If you’re new to bikerafting (packing your bike along on your packraft) or think it might be something you want to try, The Bikeraft Guide is for you.

Take a look at the types of practical tips these videos cover and the questions they answer:

How to Put a Bike on Your Packraft

Steve takes three short videos to walk us through a basic scenario of lashing your mountain bike onto your inflated packraft for a journey down the river or lake.

Here’s Part 1:

Steve gives many tips from his own experience—like how to weigh down the stern of your packraft with river rocks once your bike is lashed on to prevent a flipping raft!

(Before you begin, you’ll want a working knowledge of how to inflate your packraft and take your bike apart.)

Q & A Videos with Steve

Steve takes several short videos to answer questions they get frequently:

  • “Should I take the pedals off?”
  • “When should I use a cargo fly?”
  • “Can I put my bike on a packraft that has a spray deck?”
  • “What gear should I take off my bike before I lash it on my packraft?”

Practical Tips for Bikerafting

Other videos address these common issues:

  • How to keep your packraft free from punctures from your bike.
  • How to secure your bike to your packraft “disaster style” (without taking it apart, for a very short paddle) and when you should do it.

You can watch all Four Corners Guides’ The Bikeraft Guide videos on YouTube and Vimeo. For more about this ongoing multi-media project, take a look at their website.

Four Corners Guides offers packraft and bikeraft tours in their part of the US. To learn more see our interview with them here.

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