Time to step up your kayaking!

I have been out kayaking every week so far this year. Most weeks it's only been one or two days but now when the weather is better, and warmer, I try to be out at least three times a week and at least one night sleeping outdoors.

Paddling with my Aquabound Whiskey paddle The first longer trip this year was four days to Kragerö in southern Norway. Some years ago I got in contact with Lillesand Paddelklub (Lillesand Paddle Club) and became a good friend with one of their members. We try to get together two or three times a year for some kayaking and bring other friends wit us to have kayakers from our two countries meet and make new contacts as well. A lot of fun and very good to share our experiences and knowledge. There are some small differences in the kayaking philosophy in Norway and Sweden.
It's nice to see some other waters and conditions and also show them the area were we mostly paddle. In July some of our Norwegian friends will come to us in Sweden and join us on a trip on the Great Lake Vänern.

I have also been to some Outdoor Festivals working for NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) and giving lectures about Wilderness Medicine as well as teaching and showing kayak rolling. People are finally getting their kayaks out of the garage and I'm not alone on the water any more.




Our camp under a blossoming apple tree In July I will also go to the UK, Poole, to learn some more rolling. Although I do a lot of rolling, almost 500 so far this year, there is still a lot to learn. It will be nice to see a new place and meet some new good kayakers. In August I will take a group with me to Lofoten Islands for two weeks of kayaking. That is well above the arctic circle and a magnificent and very beautiful place. There will be photos from Lofoten here in this blogg when I come home from that.