What's New with Black Women Who Kayak+?

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Last time we checked in with Tanya Walker and Black Women Who Kayak+ they had just received our shipment of Aqua Bound paddles for their kayak fleet and had begun scheduling events, activities, pop-ups and more! Let's see what they've been up to the past couple of months!

Yoga in the Park

Women face many barriers on a daily basis - in the workplace, at home, attending school, managing finances, raising a family, trying to do and be better or just dealing with life. BWWK+ was inspired by those barriers and obstacles and decided to put together a yoga and brunch event in the park.  Coach ToniDee  guided the ladies through their first BWWK+ Yoga session. She focused on developing more self-awareness, increasing tolerance and patience, sitting in the self of awareness, increasing blood flow, and creating new perspectives in stressful situations by reciting affirmations and teaching breathing techniques. All this while building self-esteem and relationships and connecting with other women.

Members of BWWK+ Austin Chapter participate in Yoga in the Park
Members of BWWK+ Austin Chapter participate in Yoga in the Park

Weekend Hikes

BWWK+ member participate in many different trail hiking events throughout the year. The goal is to come together, learn something new, and connect with nature and other women. The BWWK+ Dallas Chapter partook in a hiking event with REI staff, where they learned vital wilderness techniques.

BWWK+ Dallas Chapter posing with their organization banner before the hike begins

BWWK+ Dallas Chapter posing with their organization banner before the hike begins

Dry Kayak Demo

Kayaking is a wonderful entry-level paddle sport. It’s very possible to simply get in and start to paddle. But you must be comfortable around, in and on the water. A great way to start is to sit in your kayak on land. You can wiggle around, get the feel of your kayak and even practice paddle strokes if you're lifted off the ground a bit. Tanya was able to participate in her first dry kayaking safety demo with Hordge Camp Youth Wellness group and teach the kids about kayak safety! 

Kids get the feel for their kayaks on land

Kids getting a feel for a kayak on land before taking them to the water

Bike Rides for All Skill Levels

BWWK+ Dallas Chapter partnered with Bike Friendly South Dallas! Not only did the ladies show up and show out! But, they came with all levels of biking skills!! They were determined to try something new and hold space where you typically don’t see groups of African American women riding a bike!

BWWK+ Dallas Chapter ready for their biking tour around South Dallas

BWWK+ Dallas Chapter begins their bike tour around South Dallas

Intro to Golf Lessons with PGA

Sixteen member from BWWK+ Austin Chapter participated in their first ever golf lessons with PGA Director of Instruction, Jennifer McNeil and the Avery Ranch Golf Club in Austin, TX! These ladies honed in on their golf abilities and got to socialize and learn from each other in a space that is rarely filled with people who look like them. They are forging a path for themselves in many communities.

BWWK+ members and Jennifer McNeil (PGA Director of Instruction) pose at the course

BWWK+ Austin members pose for a photo with Jennifer McNeil during their Intro to Golf session

Archery Club

BWWK+ at the Austin Archery Club

Over Easter weekend, BWWK+ held space at the Austin Archery Country

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what BWWK+ has to offer their members. From hiking and kayaking to rock repelling and golf, the adventures are endless. Black Women Who Kayak+ continues to push the boundaries by taking individuals out of their comfort zones and giving them the opportunity to participate in activities and be in spaces less familiar to them. BWWK+ urges individuals to take up space and claim it as their own. Want to learn more about this amazing organization or see if there is a chapter near you? Check out the links below.

Website: https://blackwomenwhokayak.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blackwomenwhokayak/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/blackwomenwhokayak/


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