Where Do YOU Go for a Backyard Paddling Adventure?

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Traveling to epic kayak and canoe destinations is amazing. But paddling locally can be equally wonderful and is a whole lot more accessible.

Dan and his dog kayak on Whiskeytown Lake with an Aqua Bound paddle

Dan Arbuckle and his dog on a California lake near his home (photo courtesy of Headwaters Kayak)

Our friend Dan Arbuckle (of Headwaters Kayak) considers Whiskeytown Lake his backyard kayaking spot-of-choice. This mid-size lake in central California never fails to rejuvenate him.

He says, “It’s about 20 minutes from home, but it feels like a million miles away from the day-to-day work grind.”

This short video will help you relax just by watching it! Join Dan and his dog Dax on one of their kayak excursions on this favorite local lake of theirs:

Why Have a “Backyard” Paddling Spot or Two?

There are several benefits for having a “backyard” paddling spot:

  • Paddling is such a great way to connect with nature. And if you have a go-to lake, river or coastline you always enjoy that’s close by, you’ll face less resistance in getting out there than a waterway that’s further away.
  • When you have those places nearby, you can take just an hour or two to get on the water instead of having to wait for a full day or for a free weekend to paddle. You’re likely to go more often when it’s easy to get away.
  • Kayaking, canoeing and other paddlesports are such a great way to hit “reset” on your life in a small way. You don’t have to wait for a once or twice-a-year vacation to do that when you find local spots you love.

If you have more than one favorite spot to choose from in your area, that’s even better!

Aqua Bound’s Own Backyard Paddling Spot

Aqua Bound has its own backyard paddling adventure spot: the St. Croix River. This 164-mile river forms part of the state border between Wisconsin and Minnesota. Its headwaters are in northwest Wisconsin. From there, it flows south to join the Mississippi River southeast of the Twin Cities.

Osceola, Wisconsin (where our headquarters are located) sits alongside this beautiful river. The closer to the Mississippi confluence it gets, the busier this river is. But up in our neck of the woods, it still has a very natural and rural feel.

Every summer, we host a company float day for our employees and their families that’s become a highlight of the year for many of them.

Aqua Bound's company float day on the St Croix River

“I enjoy spending time on the water with the families of employees who work so hard to help us be successful year after year,” says Brian Boyea, Aqua Bound’s VP of Sales.

Oliver Dressel, our Supply Chain Specialist, says, “I like seeing an armada comprised 100% of Bending Branches/Aqua Bound paddles going down the river together.”

4 paddlers ready to get on the water

Digital Marketing Specialist Harley Leavens adds, “It’s really awesome to get to spend a day on the water using the products that mean so much to so many people. One of our core values is to ‘Elevate the Experience.’ To me, that means living the life and understanding why our products make your on-water experience that much better.”

Aqua Bound company float day on the river

“We’re outside having fun together. Everyone is enjoying themselves and time on the water,” says Purchasing and Inventory Assistant, Sara Sigsworth, when asked what she values about this annual event.

Mark Eskro is Aqua Bound’s Credit Manager. He says, “I love being able to see everyone’s families on the water. For a lot of young kids, it’s their first time paddling. For a company to create that type of environment is really special.”

Aqua Bound company float day - families in kayaks and canoes on the river

“Sometimes these little urban escapes matter more than the big epic adventures,” says Dan Arbuckle in the video above. We agree with him!

So where will YOU go for a backyard paddling adventure? We can all benefit from more time on the water.

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