Why Invest in a Carbon Stand-Up Paddle?

A carbon stand-up paddle—like Aqua-Bound’s Malta Carbon— costs a pretty penny. So why invest in it? Let’s take a look…

aquabound malta fiberglass SUP paddle

Why Carbon?

The rule of thumb when buying a stand-up paddle is: Buy the lightest one you can afford. The lightest material out there for SUP paddles is carbon fiber. That means you can paddle longer with less fatigue, and there’s less chance of repetitive-motion injuries.

Carbon is also one of the strongest materials available. There’s no need to baby this paddle. It’ll last for years.

Not only that, carbon is warm on your hands. That may not matter when it’s hot and sunny out on the water, but on colder days you’ll be thankful!

The Malta Carbon

The Malta Carbon stand-up paddle is full carbon from tip-to-tip. It’s available in both a 1-piece model (at only 16.5 ounces!) and a 2-piece model (18 ounces).

aqua-bound malta carbon SUP paddle

The 10º bend in the shaft means a smooth, efficient stroke. And the trim 87-square inch blade is stiff enough to pack that extra power you want.

The 1-piece Malta Carbon sells for $299.95 and is available in 9 different lengths. The 2-piece Malta Carbon is $324.95 and is available in three different adjustable lengths.

This top-of-the-line paddle comes in all-black, so it’ll match just about any board.

The Malta Fiberglass

If the Malta Carbon is a little over your budget but you still want the advantages of a carbon SUP paddle, consider the Malta Fiberglass.

The shaft and grip are the same 100% carbon as the Malta Carbon. The Malta Fiberglass also comes in a 1-piece and 2-piece model, with similar length availability. The 1-piece is $234.95 and the 2-piece rings up at $259.95.

The difference is the blades. The blades are made of compression molded fiberglass. It’s slightly heavier than the full-carbon blade by just a couple of ounces.

If you love fresh, eye-catching colors, the Malta Fiberglass is for you! You have three choices: Sunwave, Berry and Limeade.

malta fibergalss sup paddle

These paddles—like all of Aqua-Bound’s paddles—are made at our factory in Osceola, Wisconsin.

Would you like help choosing your carbon stand-up paddle? Contact our Wisconsin-based Customer Service team. We’re happy to help! Email: [email protected] • Phone: 715-755-3405

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