Why Paddling is a Super Social Distancing Activity

two kayakers on a mountain lake

We think kayaking, packrafting and stand-up paddling are three of the best activities you can do in our new social distancing world. Here’s why…

It’s Easy to Socially Distance in a Kayak, a Packraft or on a SUP Board

That long paddle you’re holding? That forces you to keep your distance from other paddlers. It’s a given that you’ll have to stay at least 6 feet apart.

Not only that, when you’re on the water you’re not limited to a narrow trail or bike path. You have the whole river or lake to move on. Several of you can be out at once and enjoy your outing together while keeping a safe distance.

Sure, you’ll have to be creative getting to the launch and getting on the water. But it’s worth any extra hassle to get out there and be with others.

Paddleboarding, Kayaking and Packrafting Get You Outside

It’s been established for a few decades now—with evidence growing all the time—that being outside and in nature is a major health booster.

Vitamin D from the sun…beneficial microbes in the soil and on plants…the calming effects of water, birds singing, the wind in the trees. It all contributes to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

packrafter on a river

Paddleboarding, packrafting and kayaking are three of the most fun and healthy ways to enjoy time outside.

Paddling is Wonderful Exercise

Paddling is one of the best low-impact activities out there. Kayaking and packrafting work your entire upper body while SUP works your entire body.

Regular exercise plays a huge factor in keeping our immune system strong, whether against a coronavirus or any other threat to our health.

SUP, Packrafting and Kayaking are for the Whole Family

Families have had more concentrated time together lately than we ever imagined! Paddling is an activity the whole family can participate in—even the family dog!

If your kids are old enough to paddle themselves, they can easily learn to kayak, packraft or paddleboard. If they’re too young for that yet, many boards and boats are suitable for bringing your tots along with you.

Paddling is open to grandmas and grandpas, too! All generations are welcome and can enjoy the water.

Especially as our summer days are heating up, getting on the water together is fun and refreshing.

And who knows, you may find it’s your family’s new favorite activity!

Paddling is a Social Activity

Don’t confuse “social distancing” with social isolation. Nothing could be worse for you than to stay away from your family and friends altogether.

Thankfully, kayaking, packrafting and stand-up paddling are wonderful social activities. Even if you have to be inconvenienced a little in order to keep your 6 feet of distance while launching, it’s worth it.

paddlers enjoying the water
(photo courtesy of @trailheadktown)

If you don’t have all the equipment, start calling your local outfitters. You can bet they’re as eager to work out ways to rent their gear safely as you are to rent it! They’ll also have suggestions for the best places to paddle nearby.

Find a Local Paddle Instructor

If you’re new to paddling, find a local instructor who’s already gotten creative with teaching with the new safety guidelines. A lesson or two and you’ll be well on your way to learning the techniques you need to paddle safely and easily.

Some of them will schedule private groups, too. That’s a great way to get your whole family or household on the water. Start now and you have the whole summer ahead of you.

Happy paddling!

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