13 Great Gift Ideas for Paddlers

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The holiday shopping season is here again! We have you covered with 13 of our best gift ideas for all the kayakers, paddleboarders, canoeists and packrafters on your list.

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aquabound kayak paddles

1. A New Paddle

There’s a high-quality, hand-crafted Aqua-Bound paddle for every budget! These paddles aren't not just durable, they’re super comfortable in your hands, have a tight-fitting ferrule system, and provide lots of pull with each stroke. And some of them are darn cool looking!

Check out our selection of paddles for each paddlesport:

2. Dry bags

Dry bags are one of the most versatile and usable gear items ever designed for outdoor adventurers. They’re especially wonderful for paddlers since we’re surrounded by water all the time! They come in too many sizes and colors from too many brands to list here. Do an online search and you’ll find loads of options.

3. Repair Materials for inflatable boats

Does your paddling friend or family member have a packraft or inflatable kayak or SUP board? Then you need to take a look at the repair materials available from the folks at Alpacka Raft. Tyvek Tape, Patch-n-Go, adhesives…there’s a great variety here.

aquabound bilgemaster pump

4. BilgeMaster Pump

Part of a kayakers safety kit, the BilgeMaster Pump expels a gallon of water in less than 8 pumps. In rain, high waves or in case of a capsize, this handy bilge pump can save the day. It’s tough, easy to see, easy to use and it floats! Check it out here.

5. Paddling Top

Paddling tops come in a few different weights for different weather conditions. Take a look at this blog post for a video overview. Then head to the NRS website to see their selection for men, women and kids.

A quality paddling top is a great gift for cold weather and cold water paddlers.

6. Paddling Emergency Kit/First Aid Kit

Especially for trippers, a paddling First Aid kit and emergency kit are essential safety items. You can choose from a range of ready-made First Aid kits already housed in a watertight container, or make your own.

An emergency kit can be a DIY project that includes such items as: camp towel, fire starter kit, mylar emergency blanket or two, wool socks, knit hat and gloves, flashlight or headlamp and whistle. Place it all in a dry bag and wrap it up.

paddling pfd

7. Paddling-Specific PFD

The #1 safety item for any paddler. While any Coast Guard-approved life jacket will do, for real comfort, a loose fit around the shoulders and extra pockets to stow small gear items, go with one designed for paddlers. There are tons of choices out there.

8. Paddling Shoes

Paddling shoes are a great gift idea for avid paddlers, those who do wilderness trips, and those who paddle in harsher weather conditions. This blog post and video cover the basic types of paddling shoes and boots. Then check out your options on the NRS website.

9. “Recipes for Adventure” by Chef Glenn McAllister

For those you know and love who are paddlers and love to cook, get them this cookbook filled with recipes for dehydrating your own meals. It’s intended for backpackers, but it’s also perfect for paddlers who love wilderness trips. Buy it here.

aquabound caps

10. Aqua-Bound Cap

Get your paddling loved one a cap from your favorite paddle makers! We have two styles this year—sunwave mesh and gray jersey. Get them while they last!

11. BoatLoader EVO

This handy tool makes loading and unloading a kayak or paddle board on a Yakima car top rack easy. The BoatLoader EVO fits into Yakima roof racks to help lift even long, heavy kayaks. Take a look here for all the details and to buy.

12. Gift Card from a Local Outfitter/Tour Company

Maybe you’re the paddling lover and want to get someone else a gift so they’ll go paddling with you!! How about a gift card from a local tour company or outfitter? You’ll not only help support a local business, you’ll get out on some of the best waters in your area and maybe even get someone else hooked on paddling.

dog pfd gift

(photo courtesy of @lucytheadk9)

13. PFD for Your 4-Footed Paddling Pal

We’re seeing more and more dogs in our readers’ paddling photos on Facebook and Instagram. That’s great! But we want to be sure to consider their safety just as much as our own. A life jacket for your pooch will ensure everyone can relax in the event of an unexpected incident. Check out Ruffwear.

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