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Aqua-Bound’s Shred Carbon Whitewater 4-piece Paddle [Video]

Our friends at Aquabatics Calgary were kind enough to post a video review of our Shred Carbon 4-piece whitewater kayak paddle. Here’s what they had to say…


Whitewater Kayaking Road Trip: Wisconsin Style
If you’re planning a whitewater kayaking road trip, Wisconsin probably isn’t on your list of destinations—yet.
Tellico River - White Water Paddling

The Tellico River is a magnetic place for many reasons that become obvious before you even exit the car. Depending on recent rain, the mist of Bald River Falls at the Tellico River confluence will sometimes dot your windows as you cross the bridge.

The Shred Carbon Paddle for Whitewater Kayaking [Video]
More than any other water sport, whitewater kayaking demands a comfortable and high-performing paddle. It’ll take a lot of abuse, so you’ll want the best one you can afford.
Alex DePue Goes Class 5
Alex DePue, Aqua-Bound whitewater sponsored athlete from New Brunswick, NJ, shows off his skills in preparation for Moosefest. Alex uses the Shred Carbon paddle: