Aqua Bound’s Shred Family of Whitewater Paddles

packrafter with shred carbon whitewater kayak paddle
The Shred Carbon makes an ideal packrafting paddle (photo courtesy of @traversealaska)

There are seven members of our Shred family of whitewater paddles, each ready for your next epic paddling adventure.

Shred Carbon 1-Piece Whitewater Kayak Paddle

The Shred Carbon 1-Piece paddle is the most durable whitewater paddle on the market. Most whitewater kayakers prefer a 1-piece paddle for top-notch performance. The Shred will not disappoint!

The ovalized aerospace-grade Tight Weave Carbon shaft gives you both power and agility. This is a new material that’s been engineered for optimal strength without increasing weight. Our computer-controlled fiber cutting table and Instron break-strength testing equipment give us a competitive edge to guarantee the right balance between stiffness and flexibility.

It’s available in one of nine different feathering angles as well as in five different lengths.

The Shred’s beefy blades give you plenty of stiffness as well as durability, as it’s constructed of abX carbon-reinforced nylon. Of our Shred paddles, we only recommend the Shred Carbon for heavy rapids—Class 5 or 6.

This paddle weighs 34.5 ounces and sells for $219.95.

kayak surfer with shred carbon whitewater paddleThe Shred Carbon is also great for kayak surfers (photo courtesy of @pete.lavigne)

Shred Carbon 4-Piece Whitewater Kayak Paddle

Combine the most durable whitewater paddle available and the breakdown ability to travel anywhere, and you have the Shred Carbon 4-piece kayak paddle.

Identical in every way to the Shred Carbon 1-piece, our 4-piece Shred is ideal if you travel a lot and want a packable paddle, or if you want a durable backup paddle that stows easily inside your kayak.

The 4-piece sells for $239.95. It’s available in five different lengths and nine different feathering angles.

Here’s a video review by our friends at Aquabatics Calgary:

Shred Apart Kayak + Canoe Paddle

The unique Shred Apart paddle was designed in partnership with our friends at Alpacka Raft, the leading innovator in packrafts. It’s a convertible kayak-plus-canoe paddle designed to offer you unmatched performance and convenience.

This paddle is basically the same as the Shred Carbon—same Tight Weave Carbon shaft, same abX carbon-reinforced nylon blades. We’ve added a pair of T-grip extensions to convert it from a kayak paddle to two canoe paddles.

shred apart kayak + canoe paddleThe Shred Apart converts from a kayak paddle to two canoe paddles

This allows packrafters to paddle their boat by one person as a kayaker or by two people canoe-style.

The Shred Apart sells for $289.95.

Shred Apart kayak + canoe paddleThe Shred Apart in action

Shred Hybrid 1-Piece and 4-Piece Whitewater Kayak Paddles

The Shred Hybrid whitewater kayak paddles both feature a 100% carbon shaft with all the same feathering angle and length options as its carbon cousins. The 4-piece model makes an excellent backup paddle that can be stowed easily inside your kayak, and it makes traveling ultra-convenient.  

Both models of the Hybrid have hefty abX fiberglass-reinforced white nylon blades that can easily handle mid-range whitewater conditions.

aqua bound shred hybrid whitewater kayak paddleThe Shred Hybrid paddle is a perfect mid-range whitewater paddle

The Shred Hybrid 1-Piece sells for $174.95 and the Shred Hybrid 4-Piece for $194.95.

Shred Fiberglass 1-Piece and 4-Piece Whitewater Kayak Paddle

The Shred Fiberglass is a perfect choice for kayakers getting into whitewater paddling. It offers great value on top of durability and performance.

Both Fiberglass models have an ovalized fiberglass shaft available in the same five lengths and nine feathering angles of the other Shred models. The 4-piece is ideal for traveling, storage and as a backup paddle in your kayak. The high-viz yellow blades are constructed of abXII fiberglass-reinforced nylon.

shred fiberglass whitewater paddleThe Shred Fiberglass is ideally suited for new whitewater kayakers

The Shred Fiberglass 1-Piece sells for $154.95 and the Shred Fiberglass 4-Piece for $174.95.

No matter which Shred paddle you choose, you know you’re getting a durable, high-performance paddle at a great price for all your whitewater excursions.

We want to help you find the paddle that’s right for you! Contact our friendly Customer Service team today: 715-755-3405 • [email protected]

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