Aqua-Bound’s Most Packable Paddles

Do you need your paddle to fit in your backpack? In your luggage on the plane? On your bike rack? You got it! Here are our most packable paddles…

Aqua-Bound's most packable paddles

Sometimes you want to paddle so much off the beaten path or so far from home you need to hike, bike or fly to get there. That doesn’t mean you can’t bring your own paddle along…as long as it’s packable!

Whether it’s for kayaking, SUP or packrafting, Aqua-Bound has you covered with multiple paddle options designed to stow away wherever you need to fit it. These all break down into 4 pieces, which means you can put them almost anywhere.

    Packable Paddles for Kayaking and Packrafting

    Whiskey and Tango models—Aqua-Bound's newest kayak paddles, the Whiskey and Tango, are now available as 4-piece models, too. These are our top-of-the-line performance paddles with our patented Posi-Lok® Ferrule System:

    • The Whiskey (fiberglass and carbon or all-carbon) is a high-angle paddle for aggressive paddlers and heavily-loaded boats. MSRP for the 4-piece models are $349.95 and $449.95.
    • The Tango (fiberglass and carbon or all-carbon) is a low-angle paddle for long days of relaxed touring. MSRP for the 4-piece models are $349.95 and $449.95.

    Ray series—Aqua-Bound’s Ray Series of kayak paddles are designed for touring. All the models are available in a 4-piece option (as well as 2-piece option, and selected models in a 1-piece option) and most offer either a snap-button ferrule or our patented Posi-Lok® Ferrule System:

    • The Sting Ray models (carbon, hybrid, fiberglass and aluminum) are our most popular family of kayak paddles. They range in MSRP from $99.95 to $209.95.
    • The Eagle Ray models (carbon and hybrid) have thinner blades for a more relaxed and wind-resistant stroke. The 4-piece models range in MSRP from $139.95 to $209.95.
    • The Manta Ray models (carbon, hybrid, fiberglass and aluminum) have the largest blades of the Ray series paddles. They’re perfect for high-angle paddlers and anglers with heavily-loaded boats. The prices range from $99.95 to $209.95.

    Shred series—Aqua-Bound’s Shred kayak paddles are designed for whitewater kayaking. They come in five different lengths, each offered as a 4-piece option:

    • The Shred Fiberglass is our entry-level paddle with its fiberglass shaft and abXII fiberglass-reinforced nylon blades. MSRP: $149.95.
    • The Shred Hybrid is a durable combination of a 100% carbon shaft and abXII fiberglass-reinforced nylon blades. This great mid-range paddle’s MSRP is $169.95.
    • The Shred Carbon is our most popular whitewater paddle, designed for the hard-core enthusiast. Super tough and lightweight, it comes with a T-700 carbon shaft and abX carbon-reinforced nylon blades. At an MSRP of $214.95, it’s still a bargain.

    Packable Paddles for Stand-Up Paddleboarding

    Freedom and Freedom 85—The Freedom is Aqua-Bound’s most popular stand-up paddle, and for good reason:

    • It has a durable, ultra-lightweight carbon shaft.
    • The epX engineered polymer blade sports a Polynesian graphic, and comes in ocean blue that complements most paddleboards.
    • The Freedom’s blade is 100 square inches. It’s for those who like their paddle with a strong bite.
    • The Freedom 85’s blade is 85 square inches for smaller or high-cadence paddlers.
    • The 4-piece model is an affordable $164.95.

    Lyric—The Lyric is specially designed for petite paddlers. It’s features include:

    • An 85-square-inch epX engineered polymer blade. It’s great for women, smaller paddlers and high-cadence paddlers.
    • The eye-catching Polynesian graphic stamped on a white blade is reminiscent of paddleboarding’s Hawaiian roots.
    • Its shaft is 100% carbon, and is available in three different adjustable lengths.
    • MSRP: $164.95.

    So whether paddleboarding or kayaking, take your pick of our most packable paddles the next time space is at a premium. We’re proud to say all of them are made right here at our headquarters in Osceola, Wisconsin.

    Have questions? Contact our Customer Service Team: 715-755-3405 • [email protected]

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