Aerial’s Revolutionary Lam-Lok™ Technology

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Discover why the whitewater kayaking world is buzzing about Aqua Bound's latest release—the Aerial family of whitewater paddles.

(Lam-Lok™ mechanically bonds the laminated blade layers together with an aramid thread, dramatically extending the life of your paddle by resisting impact, abrasion, and delamination.)

With an impressive 24 different model options, the lineup meets a wide range of needs, styles and preferences.

What sets it apart? Lots. Including patent-pending Lam-Lok™ technology.

Aqua Bound’s innovative blade protection and technical excellence in the Aerial paddle family are a major leap forward in the industry.

What led Aqua Bound to launch this revolutionary technology? For that we’d like to introduce you to Mac Sandberg, Aqua Bound's Director of Revenue Growth and Innovation. Mac is a key member of the Aqua Bound team who oversees the development of innovative technology.

Let's hear from Mac as he shares an insider perspective on how Aqua Bound creates high-quality products that push the boundaries of what’s possible…

What Whitewater Kayakers Want Most from Their Paddle: Durability

Mac: At Aqua Bound, we are all about fun, taking risks, and exploring new horizons. But when it comes to product development, we take customer needs seriously. That's why we're stoked to introduce our new Lam-Lok™ technology, bred from consumer and market research.

We talked with people at every level of the whitewater kayaking community—from beginners to seasoned pros—to find out what they love about their gear and what they wish could be improved. We then used that information to develop the Aerial lineup and Lam-Lok™.

woman whitewater kayaker coming off a wave, uses Aerial paddle

(photo courtesy of Casey Bryant Jones)

When surveying whitewater kayakers, the number one priority that rose to the top was durability. Here's what they told us when we inquired about the primary durability issues they face with their current paddles:

  • Delamination: The blades delaminate—the layers peel apart and become susceptible to water. Once water intrudes, it’s game over. The blades become ineffective, resulting in a discarded paddle.
  • Abrasion and Impact: Whitewater is a sport that constantly takes kayakers through rocky areas, gravel and debris. Not to mention the concrete of man-made parks. The constant scraping, rubbing, and slamming against rough surfaces can lead blades to wear down to the shape of a Q-tip or become chipped, uneven and unstable.

The Task: Design For Durability

Mac: With durability being the priority for most kayakers, paddlers need to have confidence their gear can handle the physical demands of the activity, especially when navigating rough and life-threatening waters.

So, we took this feedback and set out to develop new technology for whitewater paddle blades to address this most important need.

How Lam-Lok™ Delivers Game-Changing Durability

Mac: After we determined to pursue a design that could both prevent delamination and be more abrasion and impact-resistant, our team began exploring existing technologies used in other sports, such as golf and hockey.

Revolutionary Technology for Enhanced Durability: Lam-Lok™

Aerial's blades are reinforced using a groundbreaking technology called Lam-Lok™. This involves the use of aramid thread sewn onto the crucial edges of the blades, using a specialized sewing machine. During the initial stages of development, some of the prototypes were hand-stitched and given to field testers.

This technique proved to be so effective at preventing delamination that the testers are still using them, even after 100 days on the water.

Our aramid stitching technique is performed on dry fiberglass or carbon material, before the resin application process. The blade edges are stitched back and forth with over 33 feet (10 meters) of aramid thread per paddle.

Aqua Bound Aereal fiberglass kayak paddle blade

Aqua Bound Aerial carbon kayak blade

Throughout our in-house testing, we’ve found Lam-Lok™ to be 5-10 times more effective at fighting delamination and resisting abrasion than other paddles currently on the market, including our own Whiskey and Tango blades.

Who Is Aerial For?

Aerial is for whitewater kayakers who want a paddle they can depend on for years to come. Whether river running, playboating or creeking, Aerial will deliver the performance and durability needed for any whitewater kayak adventure.

Customizable Paddles: Satisfying the Desires of Whitewater Enthusiasts

We understand that whitewater enthusiasts have distinct criteria in mind when selecting a paddle. Factors such as length, feather angle offset, crank, and breakdown all contribute significantly to the decision-making process.

To meet the unique needs of each customer, our company offers an extensive range of 24 customizable options.

Understanding the 24 Kayak Models: Major vs Minor

The 24 kayak models available are divided into two categories: Major and Minor. The Aerial Major boasts larger blades, offering maximum power for larger, stronger kayakers. On the other hand, the Aerial Minor features smaller blades for maximum cadence, catering to smaller kayakers.

On both sides of the family, Aerial is available with carbon fiber blades or fiberglass blades.

As we're sure you're aware, there are a ton of whitewater paddle brands out there. But we're confident that Lam-Lok™ technology puts Aqua Bound and the Aerial among the best of the best.

It's a game-changer, folks!

man kayaks in rough whitewater with Aqua Bound's new Aerial paddle in carbon

(photo courtesy of Kate Wright)

See all your options for Aerial Major and Aerial Minor here

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