Aqua Bound’s Shred Carbon Whitewater 4-piece Paddle [Video]


Simon Coward, of Aquabatics Calgary, touches on their long-standing relationship with Aqua-Bound through the years. In their whitewater courses, they use our 1-piece Shred Carbon almost exclusively for three reasons:

“They last forever, perform really well and don’t break the bank when we have to add more or replace them.”

In their work with the growing number of whitewater paddlers who want to run stronger rapids and paddle in more remote locations, the Aquabatics crew stresses the need to have at least one break-down paddle in the group as a back-up.

Why Have a Break-Down Whitewater Paddle?

So why would you want a break-down paddle for whitewater, especially a 4-piece? For a couple of great reasons:

  • If you travel a lot, a 4-piece can fit in your luggage so you won’t have to pay extra on the plane.
  • It fits nicely inside your kayak as a back-up paddle for those remote locations and challenging river stretches.

It also performs great as your main paddle. The shaft is constructed of aerospace-grade T-700 carbon, and the blades are carbon-reinforced abX nylon.

How to Care for Your 4-Piece Shred Carbon

The most important habit in ensuring a long life for your Shred Carbon 4-piece is to keep it dry and free of grit. Keep it in a dry bag while it’s in your kayak, and connect-and-disconnect it regularly.

It’s not unusual for some swelling of the inserts to happen over time. You want to check your paddle before you head out to be sure you have an easy but snug fit. A little sand paper will take care of any swelling that’s happened since the last time you used it.

Final Words on the Shred Carbon 4-Piece

The Shred Carbon 4-piece is available in five different lengths, from 192-200 cm in 2-cm increments. The blades are 117 square inches. The paddle weighs 34.5 ounces. It’s MSRP is a very affordable $214.95. See more specs here.

What questions can we answer about the Shred Carbon 4-piece? Contact our Wisconsin-based Customer Service team today: 715-755-3405 • [email protected]

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