Book Review: “The Bikeraft Guide”


The Bikeraft Guide is the “ultimate how-to guide, history of and wild adventures stories about bikerafting.” Written by our friends Lizzy Scully and Steve “Doom” Fassbinder, and with a foreword by bikerafting icon, Roman Dial, this new book is a must-have for all aspiring, and even experienced, bikerafters.

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Why “The Bikeraft Guide” is Groundbreaking

This book is the first of its kind to specifically target bikerafting. This small but growing sport has found a dedicated and enthusiastic fanbase all over the world.

The combination of mountain biking and packrafting—AKA bikerafting—is the ultimate way to cover the most backcountry territory in the least amount of time. It’s full of personal challenge, natural beauty and wonder, and adventure.

The Bikeraft Guide is the culmination of “a community multi-media storytelling project.” This print book is a deep dive into the bikerafting world, accompanied by several other resources (see the links below) that will have you inspired and ready to get out there yourself.

the bikeraft guide

The book also introduces us to many around the world who’ve helped define the sport of bikerafting like Roman Dial (who wrote the foreword) and Deane Parker, a bikerafter and filmmaker from New Zealand.

You’ll get the history of bikerafting as far back as the ‘80s and ‘90s, and adventures into this century, too.

There’s plenty of how-to content as well, so you can get a jump-start on your own bikerafting adventures. Here are some of the things they cover:

  • How to tie your bike onto your packraft
  • How to strap all your gear to your bike
  • Packraft field repair
  • Packing for international travel
  • And lots more…

About the Authors

The Bikeraft Guide, published in May of 2021, is co-authored by Steve “Doom” Fassbinder and Lizzy Scully of Four Corners Guides. Together they have a wealth of packrafting experience, both on the manufacturing and adventure side of things.

steve fassbinder and lizzy scully, co-authors

Steve “Doom” Fassbinder and Lizzy Scully, co-authors of The Bikeraft Guide

When you’re ready, you’ll want to head down to Scull Binder Ranch in the American Southwest and get on a guided bikeraft tour with them. After all, that’s the point of reading the book!

Where to Buy and Other Bikeraft Resources from Four Corners Guides

The Bikeraft Guide homepage has all the information you need, with links to more resources from Four Corners Guides including:

  • How to join the community forum
  • The Bikeraft Guide podcast
  • The Bikeraft Guide newsletter
  • Links to other websites with excerpts from The Bikeraft Guide
  • Links to all kinds of videos on Vimeo and YouTube
  • Links to their blog posts about bikerafting

packrafts and bikes

To buy your copy of The Bikeraft Guide, visit Four Corners Guides Resources & Retailers page on their website.

Read Roman Dial’s review of The Bikeraft Guide.

Aqua Bound is a proud sponsor of The Bikeraft Guide.

(All photos courtesy of Four Corners Guides)

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