The Brand New Tango Kayak Paddle

Aqua-Bound’s brand new high-end, low-angle kayak paddle is the Tango, released on September 1, 2017…

kayaker uses aqua-bound tango kayak paddle

The Ultra-Lightweight, Ultra-Durable Tango

Here at Aqua-Bound we’re determined to build the best paddles on the planet. We think the Tango could be one of them!

Are you a low-angle, relaxed paddler who still demands a lightweight kayak paddle? This is your paddle! You might prefer the sleek black carbon model, or maybe you want to make a colorful statement with one of the fiberglass models.

Let’s take a closer look…

Tango Carbon

The Tango Carbon features a 2-piece shaft of aircraft-quality T-700 carbon. The corrosion-free Posi-Lok Ferrule System has infinite feathering angles designed for the discerning paddler.

The Tango’s blades are multi-laminate, hand-crafted carbon. This feather-light paddle (only 23 ounces/652 grams) means you can spend hours on the water without tiring, and yet is tough as nails. There’s no need to baby this paddle!

It’s available in nine different lengths, from 210-250 cm. MSRP $374.95.

Tango Fiberglass

The Tango Fiberglass is just a few ounces heavier and a few dollars lighter on your wallet. It has the same 2-piece T-700 carbon shaft and the same Posi-Lok Ferrule System with its unlimited feathering angle options.

We offer three hi-vis colors: Fuego, Aqua and Sunwave. These fiberglass blades are hand-crafted using high-pressure compression molding. At only 26 ounces/737 grams, this kayak paddle is designed for wonderfully long days of relaxed paddling.

It’s available in nine different lengths, from 210-250 cm. MSRP $274.95.

aqua-bound tango carbon and fiberglass kayak paddles

Take a look at the new Tango kayak paddle in action in the video below…

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