The Brand New Whiskey Kayak Paddle

Aqua Bound’s newest high-performance, high-angle kayak paddle is the Whiskey, released on September 1, 2017…

aqua-bound whiskey kayak paddle

One Bomb-Proof, High-End Kayak Paddle

Here at Aqua Bound we’re determined to build the best paddles on the water. We think the Whiskey is certainly in that company!

Are you a high-angle, high-energy paddler? Do you want a paddle to take you through the water faster and stronger? Then we have the paddle for you.

The Whiskey comes in an all-carbon model and a carbon-fiberglass combination model:

Whiskey Carbon

The Whiskey Carbon features a 2-piece shaft of aircraft-quality T-700 carbon. It has the patented Posi-Lok Ferrule System with corrosion-free construction and infinite feathering angles.

The blades are compression-molded carbon fiber resin over a foam core. This is our lightest kayak paddle yet (only 23 ounces/652 grams), giving you an ultra-low swing weight. That means you can spend hours on the water with less fatigue.

It’s available in nine different lengths, from 200-240 cm. MSRP $374.95.

Whiskey Fiberglass

The Whiskey Fiberglass offers you the same quality—just a few ounces heavier and a few dollars lighter on the budget. It also features a T-700 carbon shaft with the Posi-Lok Ferrule System.

The blades on this model come in three eye-catching color options: Fuego, Agua and Sunwave. They’re hand-crafted and compression molded with multi-laminate fiberglass resin over a lightweight foam core. At only 26 ounces/737 grams, this kayak paddle will keep you going strong all day long.

aqua-bound whiskey fiberglass kayak paddles

It’s available in nine different lengths, from 200-240 cm. MSRP $274.95.

Below is some cool drone footage of kayakers with the new Whiskey on a lake in Colorado…

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