Comparing the Sting Ray vs. Manta Ray Kayak Paddles

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Aqua-Bound’s Ray series of kayak paddles has been our best-selling line for many years now. There are several options within this series, so here we compare the Sting Ray to the Manta Ray so you know which is right for you.

two men in a tandem kayak using Aqua Bound paddles in Sunset Red

(photo by Rob McNamee)

Let’s start with their common features:

How our Ray Series Kayak Paddle are the

SameEach Model is offered in both Carbon and Hybrid

The Manta Ray and Sting Ray lines both offer a Carbon model—a 100% carbon shaft with abX carbon-reinforced nylon blades.

They also each offer a Hybrid model—the same 100% carbon shaft with abXII fiberglass-reinforced nylon blades. 

They’re also available in Fiberglass

Our Fiberglass models are great options for people who may only kayak once or twice a year, or just want a set of paddles to keep at the cabin for playing around. They’re several ounces heavier than both the Hybrid and Carbon models—the same abXII fiberglass-reinforced nylon blades as our Hybrid, but with a 100% fiberglass shaft.

Our fiberglass models are popular with outfitters. They’re a tremendous value that combines quality and durability with price point.

The Blade Color indicates the Model

With our Ray Series, you can tell which model it is according to its blade color, but for one exception:

  • Black blades—it’s the Carbon model.
  • White blades—it’s a Hybrid model.
  • Sunset Red blades—It could be either a Hybrid or a Fiberglass model.
  • Electric Green blades—it’s a Fiberglass model.

Chart of Aqua Bound's Ray Series kayak paddle blade colors

Both come with either a Snap-Button, our Posi-Lok™ or our Versa-Lok™ Ferrule System  

The snap-button is the most basic ferrule system with three holes and a snap. It allows you a couple feathering angles for windy days. The snap-button ferrule is only available on our Fiberglass models.

The Posi-Lok™ ferrule system gives you more feathering options and is a super easy-to-use, secure and rust-free system. Posi-Lok™ is available on the Hybrid and Carbon models.

The Versa-Lok™ ferrule system gives you unlimited feathering options as well as up to 15 cm of adjustable length.  Versa-Lok™ is available on the Hybrid and Carbon models.

kayaker in front of a tandem kayak

(photo by Rob McNamee)

Each Model is Offered in Both 2-piece and 4-piece

2-piece kayak paddles are standard and are suited for almost all paddlers. But if you want to be able to pack your paddle in a backpack, duffle bag or airline check-on for traveling, consider a 4-piece model.

Identical Pricing Across Similar Models

The Sting Ray and Manta Ray models are identically priced. For example, the Sting Ray Hybrid 2-piece is the same price as the Manta Ray Hybrid 2-piece. The Sting Ray Carbon Versa-Lok™ is the same price as the Manta Ray Carbon Versa-Lok™.

How our Ray Series Kayak Paddles are Different

The difference between these three Ray series models is the size and shape of the blades:

The Manta Rays are High-Angle Paddles

The blades are a wide and beefy 102.5 square inches. They’re designed for aggressive paddlers, for large paddlers, for speed and for paddling a loaded-down boat. Their large surface area moves a lot of water with each stroke.

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The Sting Rays are Low-Angle Paddles

The blades are the same length (18 inches) as the Manta Ray’s, but slimmer—92.5 square inches. They’re the best for relaxed, recreational paddling and day trips. The narrower blades mean less fatigue over time. The Sting Ray is our most popular flatwater kayak paddle.

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kayaker with red Aqua Bound paddle

(photo courtesy of Headwaters Kayak)

You’ll base your decision, first, on the style of paddling you plan to do the most: high-angle or low-angle. From there, look at the other specs—weight/materials, ferrule system, color—and decide which works best with your budget and preference.

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