Enter the Aqua Bound/Paddling Maps Drawing to Win a Free Tango Paddle

Aqua Bound's Tango Fiberglass kayak paddle

Aqua Bound’s Tango Fiberglass kayak paddle in Green Tide (photo courtesy of @happypaddlin)

(July 2021)

Aqua Bound has partnered with PaddlingMaps for a chance for you to win one of our Tango Fiberglass straight shaft kayak paddles!

How to Enter the PaddlingMaps Drawing

All you have to do to enter your name into the drawing for a free Tango Fiberglass kayak paddle is to add a trip to PaddlingMaps and share it on social media.

You’ll choose a route and paddle it, then create a trip on PaddlingMaps.com with a description of your trip, location and length details, and how to get there. This can be a river or flatwater trip.

Here are a couple sample trips already created:

Aqua Bound's Tango Fiberglass fuego

Our Tango Fiberglass in Fuego (photo courtesy of @cakejaggaley)

After you submit your trip, the PaddlingMaps folks will review it and send you a link to share on social media (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) using #PaddingMaps and @PaddlingMaps. Once you’ve shared it, you’ll be entered into the drawing.

You can submit as many trips as you want to for more chances to win!

There are other great prizes, too, like an NRS gear package, a Kokatat Meridian dry suit and a year’s subscription to Paddling Magazine.

The contest ends on August 31, 2021.

About PaddlingMaps

PaddlingMaps is an online interaction tool for paddlers all over the world. Anyone can enter their trip which can than be accessed for other users of PaddlingMaps.

The more paddlers who use it, the more every paddler will be able to gain the benefits of this unique digital resource for their paddling adventures.

About Aqua Bound’s Tango Fiberglass Kayak Paddle

The Tango Fiberglass is our premier low-angle kayak touring paddle. The straight shaft model is available in both 2-piece or 4-piece, and in nine different lengths from 210-250 cm (the prize paddle with be 2-piece).

The shaft is T-700 carbon for extreme lightweight and high durability. It features our patented Posi-Lok™ ferrule system with unlimited feathering angles.

The blades are multi-laminate fiberglass that are hand crafted using a high-pressure compression molding system. It’s available in three color options: Fuego, Sunwave and Green Tide.

This high-performance paddle retails for $314.95 USD.

kayak with Tango Fiberglass kayak paddle

The Tango Fiberglass in Sunwave (photo courtesy of @waypoint2media)

We want to help you find the kayak paddle that’s right for you! Contact our friendly Customer Service team today: 715-755-3405 • [email protected]

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