The Benefit of High-Visibility Kayak Blades

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As a kayaker, you’re one of the smallest boats on the water, especially in big water. One of the best ways to be seen by other boaters is to use a kayak paddle with high-visibility blades along with bright-colored clothing and gear.

Whether it’s a speedboat pulling a water skier or an ocean-going ship on one of the Great Lakes or the lower Mississippi River, you want other boaters to be able to see you easily in your kayak.

A brightly-colored kayak, PFD and paddle all combine to make you easy to see and avoid. We make high-viz paddles for both low-angle and high-angle paddlers:

High-Visibility Kayak Paddles for Low-Angle Paddlers

We make four kayak paddles with high-viz blades for the low-angle paddler: Tango Fiberglass, Tango Fiberglass Bent Shaft, Sting Ray Fiberglass and Sting Ray Aluminum. Let’s look at each one:

Tango Fiberglass is a high-performance kayak paddle with a T-700 carbon shaft, 100% carbon Posi-Lok™ ferrule, and multi-laminate fiberglass blades. There are three blade color options including Green Tide, Sunwave and Fuego, with Sunwave and Fuego being the most hi-viz. It’s available in both 2-piece and 4-piece for $289.95 and $349.95.

Tango Fiberglass Bent Shaft has the same great features and color options as the straight shaft model, but with the added ergonomic benefits of a bent shaft. This 2-piece paddle is $399.95.

Sting Ray Fiberglass features a fiberglass shaft with a tight fitting snap-button ferrule, and bright gold blades made of fiberglass-reinforced nylon. It’s available in both 2-piece and 4-piece at $109.95 and $119.95.

Sting Ray Aluminum is identical to the Fiberglass model except the shaft is constructed of anodized aluminum. The 2-piece model sells for $99.95 and the 4-piece for $109.95.

kayaking with a hi-viz paddle

High-Visibility Kayak Paddles for High-Angle Paddlers

We also have four kayak paddles for high-angle paddlers that are available with high-viz blades:

Whiskey Fiberglass is our high-performance kayak paddle for the high-angle paddler. It has a T-700 carbon shaft with our carbon Posi-Lok™ ferrule system and multi-laminate fiberglass blades in three eye-catching colors: Fuego, Green Tide and Sunwave. Sunwave and Fuego are the best for hi-viz. We offer it in both 2-piece and 4-piece for $289.95 and $349.95.

Whiskey Fiberglass Bent Shaft is for those who desire a more ergonomic design. It has the same hand-crafted construction and blade color options as the straight shaft model. $399.95 for this 2-piece paddle.

Manta Ray Fiberglass has a sturdy fiberglass shaft with a tight fitting snap-button ferrule. It’s bright gold blades are made of abXII fiberglass-reinforced nylon. It’s available in both a 2-piece and 4-piece model, $109.95 and $119.95.

Manta Ray Aluminum has all the features of the Fiberglass model, including the bright gold blades, except with an anodized aluminum shaft. It’s available in 2-piece for $99.95 or 4-piece for $109.95.

Think Hi-Viz When You Choose Your Gear and Apparel, Too

While you may think blending into nature provides a more “natural” experience, the last thing you want, when it comes to safety, is to blend in!

As already mentioned above, one great reason to stand out on the water is so you’re easy to spot by other boaters in big, fast boats. They don’t spend their time looking for kayakers as they race across big water. So it’s up to you to be sure you can be seen by them.

kayakers with hi-viz paddles

(photo courtesy of Chartwell School)

This is especially important in less-than ideal weather like rain or fog, and any other low-light conditions you may paddle in.

Another reason we may not think about is: what if you need to be rescued? It’s much harder for rescue teams to find you if you blend in so well that you’re camouflaged.

Here are a couple great articles that also cover the importance of high visibility on the water, as well as which colors are most hi-viz (a couple of them aren’t what you’d think!):

Be safe out there and happy paddling!

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