Kayaking in Bas Saint Laurent, Quebec [Video]

Join Ken and his friends in this episode of Paddle Tales:

The Bas Saint Laurent Region

Quebec is Canada’s largest province and hosts half a million lakes, has vast wilderness areas and holds 3% of the world’s fresh water. Quebec is also home to the St. Lawrence River, the huge waterway that connects the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean.

The Bas Saint Laurent region is on the south shore of the St. Lawrence as it opens into the sea. It’s known for its beauty, rugged coastline, inland forests, villages and farms.

The first spot Ken visits here is Parc national du Bic…

Kayaking in Bic National Park

Bic National Park has miles of dramatic shorelines, highlands and forests. It’s here the fresh water of the St. Lawrence meets the salt water of the ocean. Though small, it’s renown for its wonderful sea kayaking.

Bernard Dugas, guide for Adventures Archipel, takes Ken into the park. Blue herons and seals are two of residents they meet along the way.

Kayaking in Bas Saint Laurent, Quebec

This area is ideal for beginning kayakers thanks to the ease in finding sheltered areas among the cliffs and islands, even in strong winds.

Canoeing in Lac Témiscouata National Park

Found inland, the Lac Témiscouata area is rich in cultural history as well as natural beauty. The 25-mile-long lake has been a crossroads for many thousands of years of human travel and settlement. Archeological digs have uncovered some of the rich heritage here.

Today, Lac Témiscouata is well-known for its camping, fishing and, of course, paddling.

Ken canoes with Audree Morin, a natural environment technician at the park. They paddle to one of the many bald eagle nests she studies—one of the things this park is known for.

Kayaking in Bas Saint Laurent, Quebec

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If you’d like to look into a paddle trip in the Bas Saint Laurent region, start with its tourism site. For sea kayaking in Bic National Park, click here. (For non-French speakers, scroll to the bottom of the page and choose “English”)

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