Our Whiskey Fiberglass Kayak Paddle Wins “Best in Class”

We’re so pleased that PaddleTV just announced Aqua Bound’s Whiskey Fiberglass kayak paddle as a “Best High Performance Paddle of 2021”!

PaddleTV’s Ken Whiting gives the round-up of their Top 5 Kayak Paddles of 2021 in this video:

As Ken says, if you love to paddle then any kayak or paddle is better than no kayak or paddle. But…

“If you do spend a lot of time paddling and you do have the means to splurge on yourself, upgrading your paddle is one of the best things that you can do to elevate the whole paddling experience.”

Ken personally tested each paddle on the water, and from there, came up with his list of the top five. These paddles are what he calls “Holy crap!” paddles—you put one in your hand and say, “Holy crap! This paddle is so light!”

Benefits of the Whiskey Fiberglass Kayak Paddle

Ken chose the Whiskey Fiberglass (the straight shaft model) even though it’s not as light as its full carbon competitors, because the price point is so much lower. As he says, it’s “an ideal price point to get a really high-end paddle.”

In fact, it has the lowest price point of the group—half the cost of the most expensive model shown in the video.

We start with a light-as-a-feather T-700 carbon shaft. This is the same carbon fiber used in other applications like the aerospace industry and high-end bicycles. The shaft has light texture to it as well, so it’s easy to keep a good grip on it when your hands are wet.

We add our patented 100% carbon Posi-Lok™ ferrule system that gives you a super-snug fit with infinite feathering angle options. It’s very easy to change “on-the-fly” and will never corrode.

One of the most defining features of the Whisky Fiberglass is its fiberglass blades…

Aqua Bound Whiskey kayak paddle in Green Tide

(photo courtesy of @paddle365)

The Whiskey’s Handcrafted Fiberglass Blades

One of the reasons our customers love the Whiskey Fiberglass so much is its three unique and colorful blade patterns. These blades aren’t just designed for durability, to take on just about any paddling condition—they’re stunning!

They’re hand made through an intensive process called compression molding that we do right in our Osceola, Wisconsin headquarters. Two pieces of printed silk fabric are adhered to fiberglass and molded in a press. The result is a beautiful translucent blade that’s a true work horse.

The model Ken chose as a “Best High Performance Paddle of 2021” is our 2-piece straight shaft model. The Whiskey Fiberglass also comes in an ultra-packable 4-piece model and an ultra-comfortable bent shaft model. All of them are available in three different blade colors.

kayaker with whiskey fiberglass paddle

Many thanks to Ken Whiting and PaddleTV for this honor!

Do you have more questions about the Whiskey Fiberglass? Contact our friendly Customer Service team today: 715-755-3405 • [email protected]

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