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Want to contribute to a great cause for every mile you kayak, canoe or paddleboard in 2021? Join the Global Rising Tide Relay and help raise money to take on plastic pollution in our world’s waterways.

Aqua Bound partnered with Plastic Tides for their #EarthDay10K initiative in April 2021 to challenge folks to clean up 10,000 pounds of trash. Even though that contest has ended, there are many ways you can participate with Plastic Tides to help keep our waterways plastic-free.

About Plastic Tides

Plastic Tides is a US-based 501c3 nonprofit organization focused on reducing the vast amount of plastic pollution around the world. The team is especially keyed in on educating and empowering youth.

Here’s a sobering look at how long discarded plastics sit in our environment and an encouraging look at how switching to reusable products can help:

plastics in water data

A major initiative Plastic Tides runs is called the Global Youth Mentor Program (GYM) which pairs youth leaders with mentors from around the world to help with this environmental cause.

Their Global Rising Tide Relay is one way to help support GYM members reduce plastic pollution in their local areas.

About Global Rising Tide Relay

Global Rising Tide Relay is an initiative by Plastic Tides to help raise funds for its GYM program. Here’s the scoop:

  • Pledge your miles—Decide how far you want to canoe, kayak or SUP
  • Donate $4 per mile, either on your own or by starting a crowdfunding campaign with others to help you
  • Paddle your miles in your kayak or canoe, or on your stand-up paddleboard, then collect your funds raised and send to Plastic Tides for GYM
  • Add more fun and more influence by inviting friends to join you
  • Post a photo of your paddle journey to Instagram: tag @plastictides and add #paddlearoundtheworld

Do you plan to kayak 5 or 10 miles down a local river soon? Pledge your $4 per mile and donate $20-40. It’s as simple as that. This is a great way to make a difference with the plastic pollution problem! Sign up here.

plastic trash in waterways

Every year about 18 billion pounds of plastic goes into the world’s oceans, like this 6-pack ring

You can also do your part to lessen this global environmental disaster by reducing your own use of disposable plastics when you can. From K-cups to coffee cups to straws to water bottles, a little effort in our daily habits can go a long ways.

Learn more about Plastic Tides and their environmental work on their website, on Facebook and on Instagram.

(All images courtesy of Plastic Tides)

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