Sea Kayaking on Lake Superior with Ken Whiting [Video]

sea kayaking lake superior

Ken’s kayaked all over the world. In this video, he’s on the waters of Lake Superior with guide, Ray Boucher of Canada’s Naturally Superior:


About Kayaking the Big Lake

Lake Superior provides all levels of kayaking experience for paddlers, from dead calm to exploding waves.

Since both Ken and Ray are experts, they loved the rough waters and rock gardens of this eastern Superior shoreline, they had a ball in the surf:

“Just like in the ocean when you’re paddling along the coastline getting waves rolling in, you have to have to be aware of what’s coming in from the lake. You get these series of waves that are bigger than other ones, or even a single wave that comes in—if you’re not paying attention it can carry you into shore.”

As a long-time whitewater kayaker, too, Ken really noticed the difference in the two types of kayaks in the rough. In a whitewater kayak it’s easy to peel off and change direction when you want to. A sea kayak doesn’t give the same maneuverability, so being aware of the water conditions around you is a must.

Kayaking with Outfitter, Naturally Superior

Ken loved his experience with Ray and Naturally Superior. He especially recommends them if you love sunrise and sunset paddles. The beauty of this experience is unforgettable!

sea kayaking lake superior sunset

On this east side of the Big Lake, the sun sets across the water, and seems to last forever. Even after the sun disappears below the horizon, the colors continue to change and cast their light on the water.

Ken said:

“Paddling, or even just sitting out there and watching the colors change is a unique perspective from a sea kayak. And so if you haven’t tried sea kayaking, just getting out and experiencing a sunset here will quickly convert you.”

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