The Shred Carbon Paddle for Whitewater Kayaking [Video]

More than any other water sport, whitewater kayaking demands a comfortable and high-performing paddle. It’ll take a lot of abuse, so you’ll want the best one you can afford.

shred carbon paddle

We think the Shred Carbon is that paddle! Here’s why…

The Paddle Shaft is 100% Carbon

Light and stiff, this carbon shaft adds power to every stroke, but won’t tire you out after hours on the water. The T-700 carbon is aerospace-grade and ovalized for extra comfort on your hands.

The Paddle Blades are Incredibly Durable

These carbon-reinforced abX blades can take a beating. You won’t have to worry about rocks, trees and other obstacles you’ll encounter in the water.

There’s also a bit of flex built into them. On one hand that means you sacrifice a little power in your strokes. But on the other hand, it means a long day of paddling is more forgiving on your joints.


The Shred Carbon comes in four different lengths, from 192cm to 200cm. It’s available as a 1-piece or, if you like the idea of a packable paddle, as a 4-piece. You can also have your paddle custom feathered or twisted if desired.

shred carbon paddle whitewater kayaking

A Tremendous Value

With an MSRP of $194.95 (1-piece) or $214.95 (4-piece) the Shred Carbon rings up at about half the price of other paddles of its quality. That’s a tremendous value in a paddle that’ll accompany you on years of your whitewater adventures.

Like all Aqua-Bound paddles, the Shred Carbon is manufactured at our headquarters in Osceola, Wisconsin. Contact our Customer Service department with your questions: 715-755-3405 • [email protected]

Veteran kayak paddler Ken Whiting goes into the details of the Shred Carbon and why he likes it in this video: