Sting Ray Carbon Kayak Paddle: Outdoor Gear Lab Names it “Best Overall Paddle”

Aqua-Bounds Sting Ray Carbon kayak paddle was recently awarded Best Overall Kayak Paddle by Outdoor Gear Laband our customers love it, too! Heres why

Sting Ray Carbon

Outdoor Gear Labs Review

This paddle consistently was a top performer across all metrics and it was not hard to select this paddle as a winnerThis paddle was a joy to use.

So said the good folks at Outdoor Gear Lab as they awarded our Sting Ray Carbon kayak paddle with the Editors Choice Award.

The Posi-Lok ferrule system placed on the Sting Ray far above its competition:

The Sting Ray's unwavering Posi-Lok ferrule system helped to stand this paddle further apart from the competition. It was incredibly easy to adjust or dismantle, even after extended use in sandy conditions. This is the only paddle we tested that consistently felt and performed like a one-piece paddle.

It also tied for first in performance, and placed first in every other category: Ease of adjustment, locking mechanism security and durability. It came in just slightly under the lightest paddle by 30 grams.

The Gear Labs concluded that:

All types of kayakers will be able to appreciate the higher performance that the Sting Ray delivers. Although more expensive than your average paddle, the Sting Ray Carbon delivered a performance that is on par with paddles that cost $100 more.

Explore the Backcountry Sting Ray Carbon Review

The good folks behind Explore the Backcountry, father-and-son team Wayne and Brad Jennings, are experts at wilderness travel by canoe and kayak in their native Canada.

In this video review, Wayne Jennings talks about his purchase of our Sting Ray Carbon 2-piece kayak paddle:

When Wayne bought his wife a sit-on-top kayak, they realized all their current kayak paddles were too short for her new wider boat.

They chose Aqua-Bounds Sting Ray Carbon kayak paddle in a longer length. Like all our kayak paddles, the Sting Ray Carbon is available in several different lengths, in 10 cm increments.

Your blade length is determined by both your height and the width of your boat. Youll find a chart on a sticker on all our new paddles and on our website (see our Kayak Paddle Sizing Guide).


About the Sting Ray Carbon

The Sting Ray Carbons abX carbon-reinforced nylon blades are designed for long days on flat water. They provide efficient, effortless strokes that save you energy over several hours.

The carbon fiber shaft is ovalized and grooved for comfort on your hands. Its available in either the snap-button ferrule (shown in the video) or the Posi-Lok ferrule, with unlimited feathering options.

The Sting Ray Carbon is offered in either a 2-piece or 4-piece model, and with either the snap-button or Posi-Lok ferrule system.

Aquabound Stingray Carbon Best Overall

Wayne said:

I was really impressed with the attention to detail in the shaft. If you look closely, there are all these tiny little ridges that run the whole length of the shaft. That means when you grip it, theres less chance of your hand slippingespecially when your hands wet, or greasy after applying sun block.

At only 28.8 ounces (815 grams), the Sting Ray Carbon allows you to paddle all day without fatigue and soreness.


Go to the Sting Ray Carbon product page for all the details and to buy.

Thanks for the great reviews, Outdoor Gear Lab and Wayne Jennings!

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