Paddling Education

Urban Packrafting: Let the Adventures Begin

Packrafting began in remote wilderness areas. But why should packrafters stay there? Why not bring these versatile little boats into urban areas, too? Filmmaker and outdoorsman Neil Irwin agrees…

A Paddling Guide to the Poconos: What to Know, Where to Go
Boasting 150 lakes and 170 river miles, the Pocono Mountains in eastern Pennsylvania is an incredible spot for watersports enthusiasts. From the rapids on the Lehigh River to the flatwater of Lake Wallenpaupack, you’ll find find lots of places to enjoy kayaking, canoeing, rafting, and stand-up paddleboarding.
What’s So Cool about Packrafting?

Packrafting is our fastest growing sport here at Aqua-Bound. Virtually unknown outside the paddling world—and even inside it, until recently—here’s why people are starting to notice this cool paddle sport…

The 4 Best Beginner-Friendly Rivers for Packrafting in New Zealand

Since the beginning, packrafting has appealed to adventurous folk who aren’t afraid to put in a little effort to get off the beaten path. Not quite an inflatable canoe yet not quite a kayak, packrafts are inflatable rafts that resemble dinghies but are capable of whitewater and extreme fun.

Complete Guide to the Wolf River
Beginning in northern Mississippi, the spring-fed Wolf River runs west through Shelby and Fayette Counties in Tennessee to its confluence with the mighty Mississippi River in Memphis.
Kayak Paddle Feathering: What is It and Why does it Matter?
“What is paddle feathering?” That’s a question we get all the time. If you’ve been wondering what paddle feathering is and why it matters, here are the basics…