The Many Benefits of Paddling Locally

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There’s something adventurous and exotic about planning kayak, packraft, canoe or SUP trips in faraway places. Somehow we imagine a road trip or overseas destination will be better.

But paddling locally can be just as fun…and in our current situation, the best choice!

While, yes, it’s amazing to take a paddle trip to a dream destination, it’s not necessary for a great paddling experience. And in these days of continued quarantine and social distancing, faraway trips probably aren’t on the radar for most of us. Maybe not even possible.

But that should absolutely not stop us from getting on the water!

There are lots of benefits of paddling locally:

You’ll Save Time and Money

If you’ve been laid off or let go because of your country, state, province shutting down these past many weeks, you’re looking for ways to save money. Heading to a local lake or river for a paddle trip saves you money on gas, food, lodging and air fare.

Rather than spending weeks planning then traveling to a faraway destination, you can head out over a weekend, a day or an afternoon.

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You’ll Be Able to Kayak, Packraft or SUP More Often

Because you will have saved yourself so much time and money by staying local, you have all that time to spend on your local lakes and rivers instead!

When you get to know your local paddling spots, it’ll be easy for you to load up and head out after work, or on a day off, or on a weekend morning. Keep your equipment at hand—even loaded up if you have the right vehicle—and you’ll find yourself able to hit the water often.

Much more often than if you think paddling is only cool in other places.

It Widens Your Local World

If you only think about paddling “at the cool places” you could be missing out on so many wonderful lakes, rivers or shoreline in your own local area. When you get online and start digging in to what’s within 10 or 20 or 50 miles of your home, you’re bound discover a whole new world you never knew about!

Aqua-Bound’s owner, Ed Vater, had always wanted to paddle the length of a certain local river, but had never quite made the time for it. So this spring during our several-week quarantine season he decided to go for it.

He discovered local can be as great an experience as distant:

“My friend and I really reconnected, the adventure was 100% as good as if I had driven for three days or taken a commercial flight and the hassle factor was nonexistent. I now bill myself as an evangelist for the local adventure.”

You Can Take Others Along More Easily

Chances are, you’re surrounded by people who’d love to go kayaking, packrafting, canoeing or SUPing, and they’re just waiting for someone to invite them. Someone like you!

When you know your local spots, it’s so much easier to take these people along than it is on faraway expeditions.

This includes your family or household with no social distancing requirements. And this includes others you’ll need to keep at a social distance, too. But since keeping your distance when needed is relatively easy—and even built in—with paddling, that won’t be a problem.

(See: Why Paddling is a Super Social Distancing Activity)

packrafting in amsterdamPaddling locally includes urban paddling! What waterways are right in your city?

The Many Benefits of Paddling Now

Many of us are still in somewhat of a quarantine. Some of the activities that have kept us running like hamsters on a wheel haven’t been started up again yet. Take advantage of the slower pace of life now to get on the water.

If you’ve always wanted to take skill classes for kayaking, canoeing or stand-up paddle boarding, now is the time! Find a local retailer, outfitter or course instructor who’s got their COVID-19 guidelines in place, and sign up for a class.

Let our friendly Customer Service team help you choose your new paddle today: 715-755-3405 • [email protected]

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