Aqua-Bound’s Low-Angle Kayak Paddles

If you’re a recreational or touring kayaker looking for a relaxed kayaking experience, explore our full line of low-angle kayak paddles.

low-angle kayak paddling

The blade shape is the main difference you’ll notice between high and low-angle paddles. Low-angle paddle blades are designed to pull through the water easily, which means less fatigue over several hours.

Aqua-Bound’s low-angle kayak paddles range from our top-of-the-line carbon models to our very affordable Sting Ray Aluminum. Let’s take a brief look at each one:

Our Lightest and Toughest Low-Angle Kayak Paddles

Tango Carbon—The Tango Carbon (brand new in September 2017) features long, slender blades of multi-laminate, hand-crafted carbon with a feather-light T-700 carbon shaft for a relaxed, easy paddle. This 2-piece paddle has a 100% carbon Posi-Lok ferrule system with infinite feathering angles. At 23 ounces, our lightest low-angle kayak paddle ever. MSRP $374.95.

Sting Ray Carbon—The Sting Ray Carbon offers a 100% carbon shaft and beefy abX carbon-reinforced nylon blades. This paddle gives you the benefits of carbon at a more affordable price point. Available in 2-piece or 4-piece with snap-button or Posi-Lok ferrule. 28.8 ounces. MSRP $179.95-209.95.

Eagle Ray Carbon—The same 100% carbon shaft with long, skinny abX carbon-reinforced nylon blades for great pull on the water. Great for touring with heavily-loaded boats. Available in 2-piece or 4-piece with snap-button or Posi-Lok ferrule. 30.3 ounces. MSRP $179.95-209.95.

Combining a Carbon Shaft with Fiberglass or Hybrid Blades

Tango Fiberglass—The Tango Fiberglass (brand new in September 2017) is just slightly heavier than the carbon model, and easier on the budget. With hand-crafted compression-molded, multi-laminate fiberglass blades, and the same T-700 carbon shaft. It features our 100% carbon Posi-Lok® ferrule system. 3 eye-catching colors available. 26 ounces. MSRP $274.95.

Sting Ray Hybrid—Our best-selling touring kayak paddle, the Sting Ray Hybrid offers a 100% carbon shaft and abXII fiberglass-reinforced nylon blades with a great mid-range price point. Available in both 2-piece and 4-piece and with either a snap-button or Posi-Lok ferrule. 30.5 ounces. MSRP $129.95-149.95.

Eagle Ray Hybrid—The Eagle Ray Hybrid is perfect for touring with heavily-loaded boats, but is easier on your budget than its carbon counterpart. 100% carbon shaft with  abXII fiberglass-reinforced nylon blades. Available in both 2-piece and 4-piece and with either a snap-button or Posi-Lok ferrule. 32.5 ounces. MSRP $129.95-149.95.

Our Most Affordable Low-Angle Kayak Paddles

Sting Ray Fiberglass—A great all-around recreational paddle at an affordable price point. The Sting Ray Fiberglass has our most popular blade shape for flat and slow-moving water. Available in 1-piece, 2-piece or 4-piece snap-button. 34 ounces. MSRP $99.95-119.95.

Sting Ray Aluminum—A sturdy recreational paddle with a low price tag. The shaft is corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum, with abXII fiberglass-reinforced nylon blades. An entry level paddle for flat and slow-moving water. Available in 2-piece and 4-piece snap-button ferrule. 37.8 ounces. MSRP $89.95-99.95.

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