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At Aqua Bound, we love a good adventure and enjoy providing content that prepares people to enjoy more time on the water. We rounded up our top posts full of product details, safety tips, trip recommendations, and more.  

In case you missed seeing some of our content, here’s a list of our most-viewed blog posts of 2021. Get yourself comfortable and enjoy reading:

1. Kayak Paddles: High-Angle vs. Low-Angle

It’s normal for new kayakers to assume a kayak paddle is a kayak paddle. But it’s not long into the research process before you’ll discover there’s a mystifying array of paddle options out there.

Aqua Bound kayak paddles

This article discusses two major types of kayak paddles: high-angle and low-angle. These are two different paddling styles that, ideally, use two different types of paddles.

We break down the differences between these two paddling styles, as well as the differences between the paddles designed for each style.

Then we take a look at Aqua Bound’s high-angle and low-angle kayak paddles. Finally, you can watch a short video that demonstrates these two paddling styles and the characteristics of these two types of paddles.

Read: Kayak Paddles: High-Angle vs. Low-Angle

2. When Is It Too Cold to Kayak?

Here in the north we know it’s too cold to kayak when the lakes and rivers freeze solid! Other than that, if the water is open then it’s not too cold.

kayaking along an icy shoreline

(photo courtesy of William McCluskey)

But kayaking safely in cold weather requires a different mindset, different gear and different safety precautions. Very cold water can be dangerous anytime, but combine cold water with cold air temps and it’s even more important to be prepared for any emergency.

In this blog post we get some expert cold weather kayaking advice from Norway native and Aqua Bound ProStaffer, William McCluskey.

Read: When Is It Too Cold to Kayak?

3. Ray Series FAQ

Our Ray series of paddles are our best-selling kayak paddle line. They’re some of the industry’s best value for kayakers of all interests and abilities. 

3 ray series kayak paddle blades in green, white and black

The Manta Ray and Sting Ray paddles are available in several different materials and weights: fiberglass, a hybrid fiberglass/carbon and full carbon. They’re offered with three different ferrule systems, and many of them are available in 4-piece paddles, too, for the ultimate in packability.

This article will help you decide which one of our Ray series paddles is best for you: Ray Series FAQ

4. Don’t Say This to Beginning Whitewater Kayakers

Beginning whitewater kayakers can get both good and bad advice when they begin to learn this wonderful paddle sport.

woman in a whitewater kayak

(photo courtesy of @jlitzphoto and @levelsix)

In this blog post we cover some of the not-so-good advice, such as: “You won’t have any fun until you can roll.” (Not true! Besides, there are several things you’ll learn first that makes any whitewater kayaking fun.)

Some of the questionable advice is just plain unhelpful, and some of it can lead to dangerous situations for beginners.

Read: Don’t Say This to Beginning Whitewater Kayakers…

5. How to Choose a Paddle Bag

Once you’ve invested some of your hard-earned money into one or more kayak paddles you’ll want to take care of them so they last you for years.

sea kayakers at sunset

One of the best ways to do that is to keep them in a paddle bag. A quality bag will help prevent dings and breakage when you’re off the water, both in storage and when you’re transporting them.

In this article we teach you what to look for in a paddle bag and what size to get. It also includes a brief video from NRS featuring one of their bags, and recommendations for a couple other retailers, too.

Read: How to Choose a Paddle Bag

6. Kayaking Bon Echo Provincial Park

Aqua Bound ProStaffer, Ken Whiting, hosted a series of videos with our friends at Paddle TV that highlight some of the best kayaking in eastern Canada. This one is about Ontario’s Bon Echo Provincial Park.

sea kayaker along cliffsides

Bon Echo is well-known for its towering rock walls along the shoreline of Lake Mazinaw and centuries-old pictographs. The park’s easy distance from both Toronto and Ottawa makes it a popular paddling destination.

Watch an 11-minute video about Ken’s experience in Bon Echo and read more about this beautiful natural area.

Read: Kayaking in Ontario’s Bon Echo Provincial Park

7. The Great Lakes: Where to Sea Kayak on Lake Superior

The Great Lakes are North America’s most accessible inland seas, and Lake Superior is the largest of the five. In fact, Superior holds half the total water that’s in the Great Lakes!

kayaker on glassy water

(photo courtesy of Ryan B.)

Because of its size, unpredictability and cold, cold water it’s always a great idea to go with an established outfitter when kayaking there—especially if you’re new to sea kayaking.

In this article we take you on a tour around Lake Superior and highlight the professional kayak outfitters that can take you out for a few hours, a full day or for a multi-day kayak camping trip. We include outfitters in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and Ontario.

Read: The Great Lakes: Where to Sea Kayak on Lake Superior

8. Kayak Camping in the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, Wisconsin

And speaking of Lake Superior, in this article we take you along on a 4-day kayak camping trip in Apostle Islands National Lakeshore in northwest Wisconsin.

kayakers along a rocky shoreline

This archipelago of 22 islands is a world-class sea kayaking destination that includes sea caves, lakeside rustic (but not too rustic) campsites, historic lighthouses, sand beaches, palisades and the clear blue-green waters of Lake Superior.

In this blog post you’ll go along with a group of women and their outfitter on their recent kayak camping trip and discover what this area has to offer. We hope it’ll inspire you to check it out for yourself!

Read: Kayak Camping in Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, Wisconsin

9. Kayaking & Canoeing Ontario’s Madawaska River

Ontario’s Madawaska River is world renown for its whitewater kayaking and canoeing. Water that’s relatively warm, consistent flow and do-able rapids combine to make it an ideal spot even for beginners.

whitewater canoeist

In this article we feature a video with Ken Whiting and Caudia van Wijk, of Madawaska Kanu Center. They share what they love about the area, the river and the kayaking and canoeing it offers.

Want to take a weekend whitewater course there? We cover that, too!

Read: Kayaking & Canoeing Ontario’s Madawaska River

10. Kayaking Ontario’s 1000 Islands Area

Another Ken Whiting video rounds out our list of most-viewed content of 2021. This article features Ontario’s extremely popular 1000 Islands region: Thousand Islands National Park and its nine different paddling routes on the Saint Lawrence River.

kayaker on clear beautiful water

An easy distance from Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, and just across the river from New York, USA, 1000 Islands offers prime kayaking. Not only are there more than 1,800 islands to explore, there are thousands of shipwrecks in the area, some of which are shallow enough to view easily from your kayak.

Half-day, full day and multi-day kayak trips are all available here, especially within the national park.

Read: Kayaking Ontario’s 1000 Islands Area

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