New Whiskey and Tango Kayak Paddle Color: Northern Lights

Aqua Bound's new Northern Lights kayak paddle color

Aqua Bound's newest color for Whiskey and Tango: Northern Lights

We’re excited to announce a brand new color pattern for our best kayak paddles, the Whiskey and Tango, for 2022: Northern Lights.

Here at Aqua Bound we’re always looking for ways to improve our products, to use the best materials and processes available.

About Aqua Bound’s Whiskey and Tango Kayak Paddles

The high-angle Whiskey kayak paddle and low-angle Tango kayak paddle first made their appearance in 2017.

The Whiskey and Tango both feature a T-700 carbon shaft and 100% carbon Posi-Lok™ ferrule system. That translates to ultra-light and durable, with the potential of infinite feathering angles for all kayaking conditions.

The blades are what set these paddles apart, though. They’re handcrafted of multi-laminate fiberglass, using an intensive high-pressure compression molding process. All that to say—they’re stunning!

Our Process for New Paddle Blade Designs

The wonderful thing about the compression-molding process is that design possibilities are virtually endless.

We start by tapping the creativity and ideas of some of our ProStaff team and Aqua Bound team members. We take a couple dozen of those ideas to professional designers for their input. Then we narrow it down to our favorite two or three designs.

northern lights paddle blade blank

The new Northern Lights blade pattern for Whisky, just out of the mold

We take those finalists and have them printed on the silk fabric we use in the compression molding process for the final decision.

Our process of finalizing a new blade design for the Whiskey and Tango takes about six months from beginning to finished paddle ready for our customers. We go through several versions to dial in just the right pattern.

Our Newest Blade Pattern: Northern Lights

A team member came up with the idea of using the northern lights as inspiration for our newest paddle design. That paddler loves the experience of kayaking in the north, with those amazing colors dancing across the dark skies as if they’re alive.

Seeing northern lights is unforgettable, and very much a draw for people to get into the outdoors.

images of northern lights

Photos of northern lights we used to inspire our design process

We’re very excited to introduce the new Northern Lights model!

Whiskey and Tango Kayak Paddle Models

The newest Whiskey and Tango with the Northern Lights blade pattern are expected to be available in early March, 2022:

  • Whiskey 2-Piece Straight Shaft—2-piece kayak paddle model for the serious kayaker and for serious high-angle kayak trips. Ideal for kayak surfing, whitewater and other high-angle kayak adventures. Available in nine different lengths and weighing in at just 26 ounces.
  • Tango 2-Piece Straight Shaft—2-piece kayak paddle model for serious low-angle kayakers and serious long-distance kayak trips. Ideal for long days on the water and multi-day trips. Available in nine different lengths and weighing in at just 26 ounces.

kayaker using new northern lights paddle

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