Paddling Education

How to Get In (and Out of) Your Kayak
Most sources teach you how to get in and out of your kayak using your paddle. We recommend you learn how to enter and exit your kayak without your paddle.
The Great Lakes: Where to Sea Kayak on Lake Huron
Lake Huron, with its 3,827 miles of shoreline (6,158 km) and 30,000 islands, is a world-class freshwater sea kayaking destination. Its 23,000 square miles (59,570 sq km) make it the second largest of the Great Lakes and the fifth largest freshwater lake on the planet.
Kayak Safely on Busy Waterways [Video]
“Paddling on busy waterways is like swimming in shark-infested waters. You’re immediately in the food chain at the bottom!” says Ken Whiting, host of of this PaddleTales episode.
Enter the Aqua Bound/Paddling Maps Drawing to Win a Free Tango Paddle
(July 2021) Aqua Bound has partnered with PaddlingMaps for a chance for you to win one of our Tango Fiberglass straight shaft kayak paddles!
The Benefit of High-Visibility Kayak Blades
As a kayaker, you’re one of the smallest boats on the water, especially in big water. One of the best ways to be seen by other boaters is to use a kayak paddle with high-visibility blades along with bright-colored clothing and gear.
Las Vegas Kayak Outfitter, Blazin’ Paddles
Nevada-based kayak outfitter, Blazin’ Paddles, does one thing and does it well—they take their guests kayaking on the Black Canyon stretch of the Colorado River.
Packrafting Safety
As with all paddling sports, safety needs to always be top-of-mind for packrafters, whether they’re beginners or experienced paddlers.
The Great Lakes: Where to Sea Kayak on Lake Michigan
The Great Lakes, containing 84% of North America’s fresh surface water, are a world-class sea kayaking destination. In this article we’ll explore the shores of Lake Michigan and let you know the outfitters ready to take you there.
Essential Canoe Trip Gear
Ken Whiting tells us about the canoe trip gear items he considers essential in this video from Paddle Tales, Canoe Tripping Gear I Never Leave at Home…
Paddle for a Cause with Plastic Tides
Want to contribute to a great cause for every mile you kayak, canoe or paddleboard in 2021? Join the Global Rising Tide Relay and help raise money to take on plastic pollution in our world’s waterways.
The Great Lakes: Where to Sea Kayak on Lake Superior
Lake Superior is the largest of all the Great Lakes. In fact, Superior holds half of the water that’s in the Great Lakes. It’s the largest fresh water lake in the world by surface area and a world-class sea kayaking destination.
Kayaking & Canoeing Ontario’s Madawaska River
The Madawaska River in Ontario’s Highlands is one of the best rivers in the world to learn how to whitewater kayak or canoe. It’s no surprise that with its do-able rapids, relatively warm water and reliable flow it’s also home to the original whitewater school.
How Kayaking Helps Injured Vets & Active-Duty Military
Operation Heal Our Patriots (OHOP) is a week-long Alaskan marriage retreat focused on strengthening the marriages of injured US military members and veterans. Outdoor activities are an integral part of the programming for these retreats, including kayaking.
Choose Our Manta Ray Paddle for Some Serious Kayak Fishing
Get outfitted for some serious kayak fishing with one of the paddles from our Manta Ray family. There’s one for every budget!
How Covid has Impacted the Paddlesports Industry
Covid-19’s impact on our world has been unprecedented in so many ways. While there’s plenty of bad news from this pandemic, there’s also some good news that came out of it—millions of people have rediscovered nature and the outdoors.
Top 15 Locations for Paddle Boarding This Summer

 Here is the list of 15 places to soothe your body and mind while paddle boarding.

Whiskey/Tango Performance Kayak Paddles

We introduced our Whiskey and Tango models in 2017 for people who need something lightweight, are paddling long distances, or looking for the best on the market. Our team of engineers has done rigorous testing to design a product for experienced paddlers who want a smooth paddling stroke.

Our Best Advice for Beginning Kayakers
Millions of people entered the kayaking world in 2020 due to the Covid pandemic. If you’re one of these beginning kayakers, we’ve collected 11 our most popular and important kayaking articles to help you out…
Don’t Say This to Beginning Whitewater Kayakers…
Whitewater kayaking is a different animal than flatwater kayaking. River levels, water hazards and varying degrees of rapids make it complex and demand respect in a different way. Here we bust common misconceptions beginning whitewater kayakers are sometimes told…
Kayak Camping & Muskie Fishing on Ontario’s Petewawa River
Ken Whiting of Paddle Tales journeyed to Ontario’s Petewawa River in Algonquin Provincial Park for six days of paddling, fishing and kayak camping. He was joined by James McBeath of Jackson Kayak and Brendan Mark of Heliconia Media.
Are Your Kayak & Gear Ready for a New Season?
When you treat your kayak, paddle and other gear well you can have confidence it’ll last you for years of enjoyable paddling. Spring is the perfect time to give it all a good cleaning and to check it over for any damage.