Paddling Education

Paddle Logger App: Track Your Paddling Adventures
Paddle Logger is an iOS app designed by paddlers for paddlers to track your water routes and miles, give you safety features and more. This app helps add even more value to all your paddling adventures.
Packrafting the Grand Canyon: Adventures & Tips
Winning a follow-up permit lottery from Grand Canyon National Park allowed Johnathan and Hannah Shininger an opportunity of a lifetime: to packraft 90 miles of the Colorado River through the Canyon.
Inflatable Kayaks 101: What to Know
Inflatable kayaks have been increasing in popularity in the past couple of years. What should you know about them so you can make a good buying decision? Let’s take a look at a few of the main factors.
A Packrafting Power Couple
Healthy relationships take trust, commitment, and dedication. This packrafting power couple takes the importance of these elements to a whole new level.
Kayak Rudders & Skegs FAQs
Join Aqua Bound ProStaffer Ken Whiting as he explains kayak rudders and skegs in this video from Paddle TV…
Packrafting the High Sierras
Filmmaker Hank Leukart wanted to backpack Ansel Adams Wilderness, and he wanted to be able to paddle the many lakes they’d encounter on their trek. So he convinced his two friends to bring packrafts for this adventure into the High Sierras.
How to Kayak on Rivers & Current
Kayaking on rivers is amazing—but current has some hazards you need to know and think about. Join Aqua Bound ProStaffer, Ken Whiting, as he goes over in this video how to paddle with confidence on rivers and in current.
One Ontario Family’s Kayaking Adventures
Celeste Ireland and her family started kayaking together regularly during the lockdown year of 2020. After an overload of kayaking photos on her personal Instagram page, she decided to start a new public page devoted to their kayaking adventures.
The ‘Pack’ in Packraft
Written By Rachel Davies Packrafts are touted as a versatile tool for exploration – by compactly packing into hiking gear to get over mountain passes and then swiftly transforming into stable but maneuverable boats for smashing down rivers or gliding...
Wilderness Canoeing Above the Arctic Circle
Minnesota canoeist, Jim Gallagher, has been on more than 20 wilderness canoe trips above the Arctic Circle in Canada and Alaska. We wanted to hear Jim’s story about how he got into wilderness canoeing and what he loves about paddling in the Arctic. Here’s our conversation...
Book Review: “The Bikeraft Guide”
The Bikeraft Guide is the “ultimate how-to guide, history of and wild adventures stories about bikerafting.” Written by our friends Lizzy Scully and Steve “Doom” Fassbinder, and with a foreward by bikerafting icon, Roman Dial, this new book is a must-have for all aspiring, and even experienced, bikerafters.
What to Know About Inflatable Kayaks
Inflatable kayaks have been getting very popular, and for many good reasons. But they also bring up several questions you don’t have to answer with a hardshell kayak. In this video, Aqua Bound ProStaffer Ken Whiting talks about what you need to know about inflatable kayaks:
Packrafting in Swedish Lapland: “Earning a River” Film
Aqua Bound ProStaffer and filmmaker Jacob Kastrup Haagensen documented a packraft trip in northern Sweden with a group of friends. Their demanding route hiking to and packrafting the Kaitum River became the film Earning a River.
The Best Kayaks for River Paddling
  This sit-inside recreational kayak is great for slow-moving rivers (photos courtesy of @paddle365) Because rivers provide a different environment for kayakers than the flatwater and open ocean environment, a different type of kayak is needed. Ken Whiting of Paddle...
How to Transport Your Kayak
Kayaking is super fun and super healthy. But it has its challenges, the first of which is how to transport your kayak to the water you want to paddle.
Aqua Bound’s Shred Family of Whitewater Paddles
There are seven members of our Shred family of whitewater paddles, each ready for your next epic paddling adventure.
Kayak Camping in Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, Wisconsin
Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is a world-class sea kayaking destination on the world’s largest freshwater lake—Lake Superior. Kayak camping here is spectacular.
Deciding Where to Paddle Next
We paddlers know that one of the special things about water is that it’s never the same. One can be on a body of water innumerable times with vastly different experiences. So how do you decide where to go next?
Must-Have Gear for Your Paddle Boarding Trip

This article covers ideal options regarding attires and gears under different weather conditions for Paddle Boarding so that you surf with comfort at every step!

Comparing A Basic Kayak to a High-End Kayak [Video]
In this video, Paddle Tales’ Ken Whiting explains the differences between a basic sit-on-top kayak and a higher-end sit-on-top kayak.
Packrafting the Canyons of the Colorado River [Video]
Filmmaker and outdoor adventurer, Hank Leukart and his buddy, Jake Jenkins, take a packrafting trip down the Colorado River through Horsethief, Ruby and Westwater Canyons. They tackled up to Class IV rapids on their epic packraft adventure.